In Consoles, the Game Isn't Going Sony's Way

Joel Downs is the type of video game buff that Sony Corp. expected to fall for the PlayStation 3. The 32-year-old Culver City entrepreneur is tech savvy, loves his PlayStation 2 and has the money to afford an upgrade.

But Downs is holding out.

"There's no compelling reason for me to buy it," he said. "There aren't enough good games for it. And it's too expensive."

The PS2 has been a runaway hit and profit machine for Sony since its introduction in 2000. But its highly touted successor, the PS3, is off to a slow start, leading some game-industry insiders to question whether the consumer electronics giant will dominate this generation of consoles as it did the last.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4232d ago

Get a 360 because the PS3 is done this gen, better luck on the PS4 Sony.

ItsDubC4232d ago

C'mon, let's at least TRY to be open-minded. I think it's way too early to call this one. How was the 360 doing at the same point in its lifespan comparatively (keep in mind, there were no nextgen competitors for the 360 back then)? The PS2 has been strong for a LONG time, so we can all expect Sony to try to duplicate that successful longevity.

On the other hand, the 360 has an amazing online service and a headstart in terms of sheer number of games.

Way too hard to call at this point.

Coffin874232d ago

lol you're a retarded fanboy.

Bathyj4232d ago

Only one that was left in the rain and has long since rusted shut.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4232d ago

ItsDubC was the one who summited this article, and its clearly stating that the PS3 is currently doing bad, im sorry Coffin89, but the only fanboy here is you.

gta_cb4232d ago

seriously! there done?! ... dont think so dude, you really shouldnt make comments like this unless your gonna say joking at the end of it.

reaperxciv4231d ago

i'd buy a ps3 and wii if i had the money

SlippyMadFrog4231d ago

WTF??? You where making the same type of comments in other threads, I guess that makes you a prick

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DrWan4232d ago

There are some good games on the pS3 right now with free online play and blu-ray capability as well as linux for technophiles to mess around. I think there is every reasons to buy. I am still mad about my 360 for scratching up my DVD this past weekend.

Boink4232d ago

unfortunately will just enrage the sony fanboys and likely lead to the quality threads we always enjoy here.

nix4232d ago

"There's no compelling reason for me to buy it," he said. "There aren't enough good games for it. And it's too expensive." and then......?

everyone knows that.

"Sony is still milking the PS2, with each sale producing $129 in profit.." huh? i thought it was only 8 dollars!!!

P4KY B4232d ago

I have a space kept for one under my TV. I have a spare input on my TV longing for an HDMI cable to plug into it.

But Sony need to show me an experience that i cant get anywhere else.

And i know that a PS3 gives you a BlueRay player but who buys DVDS anymore? Nobody i know. Everyone downloads and either streams to their TV or burns it to DVD and upscales it in a normal DVD player or xbox 360. For a grand total of £0.15p for a blank DVD.
I have almost 910GB of xvid files and DVD rips
Blueray = who cares.

Once sony show me a game that makes my eyes bleed i will be first in line for a PS3 regardless of price.

Keyser4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

Only people who haven't seen bluray on a qulaity HD say "Who cares".

Do you have a VCR in your home that is still currently being used or have you moved on to dvd?

I've been playing video games since 1985 and I've never seen a game that made my eyes bleed. Saw some good games a couple of times.

Which system do you play? I play 360 and PS3 and both have been impressive.

P4KY B4231d ago

i dont have a VCR. I stream 910 GB of video from my PC to a media player which i linked by HD components to my 32 inch LCD HDTV. My media player is also connected to my 360 via the rear USB and my 360 is also linked to my PC via ethernet and my TV via VGA. I can watch and control everything i have at the touch of a few buttons from my couch. Sound is fed into Divx compatible phillips home cinema system. (its only 5.1)

I view my TV from a distance of about 10 feet so its impossible to tell the difference between 1080P and 720P at that distance on a 32 inch. (human eye not being good enough)
So when i download 720P film and TV rips and stream them straight to my PC its impossible to tell the difference.

I have watched BlueRay in shops and it was nice.
But for the cost of a BlueRay movie vs my setup.
I think i prefer my setup.

I do still have a free HDMI port for a PS3 once that killer game is eventually released. Maybe it will be GT5 who knows.

**I say i want to buy a PS3 and i still get hated by the PS3 fanboys**