Counter-Strike gets in-game ads

The release of Smokin' Aces DVD will be promoted by in-game advertisement in Counter-Strike: Source online multiplayer shooter.

The adverts themselves appear as posters on walls in various different locations in the game, and will enjoy more than five billion minutes of playtime generated by the game each month.

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DirtyRat4235d ago

Valve have caught up with EA on this front then...I think it's sad they dont give gamers the option to opt out of viewing the ads

WilliamRLBaker4235d ago

because they all would, I dont think any one would actually opt to see real time updating ad's that have the potential to take up any sort of resources of the comp and connection and be distracting during gameplay..

Bullseye4235d ago

However, the worst thing is people will still buy it just the same, despite being ignored over choice.I won't be buying this game, but then i do believe in exercising my choices, so i'll buy an alternative without advertising. STEAM is sh!te, down with STEAM!!!

DeadlyFire4235d ago

You can simply paint over them in game anyway in CSS. :P I hope some ads get placed on destructable environments in the future. LoL Blow up them ads.

Krimson4235d ago

This is kind of brutal. I don't mind advertising in games when it blends in to the environment (such as putting a BK in a city of a racing game or something) but this just totally stands out and is an eye sore. Hopefully we can spray over top of these! :P

iceice1234235d ago

wtf is this BS. Thankfully I only play Zombiemod now.

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