Sony Online announces Xbox Live-style centralized hub

Sony Online, publisher of massively multiplayer online time-sinks such as EverQuest series, Star Wars Galaxies, and the recently unleashed Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has announced a new service designed to help you keep track of all those online worlds many of us find so much more engrossing than the real thing.

Dubbed Station Launcher, the planned offering boasts features similar to those of publisher Valve's Steam content delivery system or Microsoft's ridiculously popular Xbox Live network. In other words, it will enable you to download games and goodies more efficiently. No word on any achievements scoring system or trophy rooms, but it does add in several other features, including some cribbed from Instant Messenger and iTunes.

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Bill Gates4208d ago

This is good,...and FREE!!!...hahahahha

Babylonian4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

You said it mister Bill Gates sir, But what is your company gonna do now? I mean are you just going to stand watch?

techie4208d ago

Where does it say its free? You do realise this is not for consoles...this is for PC's

DeadlyFire4208d ago

Sony is smart enough to know that online gaming should be free as it is now since you pay $20-60 a month already for it. MMOs will be charged of course they have high end servers that require payments from users to keep em going.

While this may be for PCs it also could easily be implemented into the PSN. They already have everything almost set right in there with friends and things. This could also support PS3 to PC gaming and the other way around for Free. That would be hilarious in my opinion. It would kill Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service.

BIadestarX4208d ago

I am confused about you guys stressing the fact that steam is free... What do you mean by free? Obviously you guys are saying it as if xbox live is not free. As far as I am concern xbox live does anything that steam does (download demo, video, etc) for free... You don't need a gold account to do any of that. Can someone please point me out to what can steam does (For free) that xbox live does not. I noticed some of you are point out the (free) argument... but I failed to understand... what is xbox live charging. Also, does steam let you have a single login for all your games?, game invites, etc? If it can do all that for free... the only problem I see is that steam is only for the PC...

carlman234208d ago

I have to agree with Peter Moore that 'you get what you pay for.' If Sony pulls off a system that's as good as Xbox Live (for consoles) for free, then I'll stop payin'. But so far, the PlayStation Network is unfortunately quite sub par by any standards. I wish Sony had had a better plan at launch...

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