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Yakuza 3's "possibility for localizing does, in fact, still exist."

PS3 Attitude writers:

"SEGA gave out huge news today by confirming that the possibility of the game being localized is actually very real.

Following up on the previous story that the game's future is very much up in the air, Aaron Webber, Assistant Community Manager for SEGA of America, commented on the PS blog stating:

'Yakuza 3 is not cancelled – and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist.

The original news story that went around about Yakuza 3 being declined for the US was false, and localizing the game still remains a big point of discussion for many people here at SEGA'

Check the site for the full story and quote where Aaron admits it's "far from an announcement" but that that the possibility does of an English port still exists.

Note: this article is not a duplicate from the old story. This is new information regarding the possibility of Yakuza 3 receiving a localisation port. (PS3, Yakuza 3)

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Nitrowolf2  +   2218d ago
Bring this out of japan SEGA!!!
i really want to play this.
remanutd55  +   2218d ago
me too
FlatulentGhost  +   2218d ago
"i really want to play this."

Me too. Just bought Yakuza 2 for 20 bucks a few weeks ago and love it. I would love to see 3 & 4 come here. I can certainly see Sega's hesitation with the previous sales of the games in the US.

Forget about English voice actors. Just subtitles and translate the menus and any bugfixes. Add in some extra content and ship it.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2217d ago

All they really need is english subtitles.I would actually rather it have JUST the subtitles and keep the original voice acting.It would help keep the feel and authenticity of the game.

I played the demo from the Jap PSN store & i loved it.
Please, SEGA Please make it happen !
kapedkrusader  +   2217d ago
Sorry to say, I believe you will all be disappointed...
...I just signed up to a Japanese PSN account using an article I just read in N4G and downloaded as many free demos as I could including Yakuza 3. In all honesty, after the graphical improvement we're used to seeing in PS3 games, Yakuza looks pretty bad. Damn Sega has taken so long to import this game that if it does arrive, it will look extremely dated. My guess is that they know this and that's why they are hesitant. I'm being completely honest here, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and God of War 3 are making Yakuza 3 look like a Dreamcast game. Please, if you haven't seeing the game for yourself don't blindly disagree. See for yourself.

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George Sears  +   2217d ago
What happened to people this gen? Since when does great graphics = greatness?

Sure the games you listed kapedkrusader are/seem to might be great games but just because Yakuza 3 doesn't have awe inspiring graphics doesn't mean that it isn't a great game.
Nitrowolf2  +   2217d ago
Its not that bad and persoanlly i dn't think sega cares about if it doesn't look like Uncharted 2, Kilzone 2, and GOW3 (notice all are made by a Sony team). If they could bring this and 4 to state side i will be happy enough. Loves the other ones, the graphics are good there are games with allot worse.
ThanatosDMC  +   2217d ago
Yep, they should just keep it subbed since the voice acting is perfect and extremely funny comical moments and how honorifics were used.

Ummm... this is the one in which i can be a pimp and make my hoes, right?
soljah  +   2217d ago
well guys

should we be saying thank you ps3 slim
SaiyanFury  +   2217d ago
You know, there really is no justification for keeping this in Japan. People have spoken; leave the Japanese voice track alone and translate the subtitles. I think the majority of fans of Japanese games much prefer the audio be left alone, unless it's making the audio DTS 5.1 instead of Dolby Digital. Sheesh, keep the game in Japan and make a subtitles patch available to North Americans who want to import the game. Either way, people WANT this game, despite what SEGA may be hearing and it WOULD sell. Maybe not 3 million in the first week, but it's easy sales. Games these days are region free so they wouldn't even need to change that. Just bring it over SEGA! Do something! You brought us the awesomeness that was Valkyria Chronicles. Now bring this!
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mastiffchild  +   2217d ago
This, and Fatal Frame 4(and Nintendo themselves denying that for western gamers by refusing to publish themselves)are my pey moabs this year!

We'd all be happy with subtitles and menus in a patch wouldn't we? How much would that cost? They could take advantage of the region free and just do another small trial production yun for us fans in the west. I'd happily pay for the patch as well after all the effort it took me to find the first Yakuza the other year! What annoys me is Sega are happy to keep promoting Wii games that don't sell but moved VC to PSP and won't bring T3 over because of weak sales in the past when they NEVER pushed any of these games or even stocked them properly!

Given a decent push with a few ads I feel both series could be a western hit for Sega but, for osome reason they just aren't prepared to push their PS3 games out here. Are they saying that they don't feel Yakuza3 would sell as well as Madworld did with the same promoyion as they seem happy with that not selling much?
callahan09  +   2217d ago
Don't know what you're talking about, kapedkrusader. I own Yakuza 3, and the graphics are great, but more importantly, the story and gameplay are amazing. It's a game that should definitely be available to westerners. It's a classic of this generation, and one of the best games of this year, easily.
Redempteur  +   2217d ago
There are games where graphics might not be perfect but the gameplay makes up for it ..

Yakuza3 is one of these games ..The game heavily plays on the settings and feelings . I Do think that the game is a masterpiece .

Sega did a lot of things right in this game ( from the street fights to the numerous references .. ) And everyone who have played this say that the story is damn great ...

Any way , sega it' easy to localise yakuza 3 ..just make it so it isn't released at the same time as another big title in 2010 (not in march because of god of war, NOt during the same month as the heavy rain release , ect ect ). that's all i ask
UNCyrus  +   2217d ago
Hahah! I love it!!!
That was Aaron's response to my question on the blog! First good thing I've done for the gaming community in a while! woooo!
ABizzel1  +   2217d ago
I hope they do, but it's highly unlikely. They could at least add English subs, and if they have English subs already then I'm importing it.
Isaahc  +   2218d ago
aye this is on my most wanted game list. since they annouced it back then.
PixlSheX  +   2218d ago
It would be great if they release a yakuza 1 & 2 collection with yakuza 3 demo and yakuza 3 for Q4 2010.
Sega, please, hear your fans!
George Sears  +   2217d ago
I've really been looking forward for a confirmed localization announcement.
Obama  +   2217d ago
El Botto  +   2217d ago
Another TRIPLE A exclusive to brag about in the ever expanding and INCREDIBLE PS3 TRIPLE A LINE UP.
ONLY THE BEST IS ON THE PS3. PS3, IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING, including massive triple A games.
Bathyj  +   2217d ago
Why is this even an issue?

Do they think its not worth the effort so the rest of the world can buy it?

Silly Sega, should have had this game out months ago.
iceman06  +   2217d ago
I THINK that...
They are basing it on their previous history with bringing the franchise over to the US. However, they are forgetting that they did so when the PS3 was launching and there were way too many PS3 owners that didn't have the funds or just wanted those couple of launch games instead of a PS2 game. Now...it all makes sense.***fingers crossed***
Godmars290  +   2217d ago
This has to be a yakuza pllot...
They'll give us the game and a bar hostess, but we have to give then Green cards and look the other way when they bring "other" stuff in...
The Great Melon  +   2217d ago
While I never really paid any attention to this series, all this talk about localization has piqued my interest in the games. Might try out the demo this weekend or pick up Yakuza 1 or 2.
Shaka2K6  +   2217d ago
Well everybody in this world should have the chance to play the best Beat 'Em Up game of this generation only on Blu-ray disk ofcourse.
SnukaTheMan  +   2217d ago
Aint going to happen....
Yakuza 2 did poorly on the ps2..in japan and everywhere else.....what incentive do they have to localize it...some people on this website who want it saying they will purchase it...not going to happen.
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Obama  +   2217d ago
Never say never, esp it's Sega we are talking about here.
N4GAddict  +   2217d ago
Actually, all of the Yakuza games are popular in Japan.
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mastiffchild  +   2217d ago
Why ever not? They didn't push Yakuza1 OR 2 out in the west. No ads and I couldn't find either in any local stores so ordered Yakuza2 and had to travel to buy the first game after searching for a month!

Fact is SEga shouldn't say they know how this would sell(I'd LOVE to have a pop at Kenzan! as well)as they never ONCE gave a Yakuza game any chance ion either the US and definitely the UK/EU-f'rinstanmce just hopw long after Japanese release did those games sneak into our countries? 18 months and 2 years IIRC-hardly conducive to big sales in itself and wen they fail to promote or stock the games what did they expect?

What we're left with is a core of around 40,000 western fans who liked the first and found thesecond as well after a long wait who'd be happy to just have the Japanese game with some subs(which, as I said, they could even patch in to save costs)-lord knows how well Yakuza games could sell given a chance and some marketing and IF they arrived before the games were practically outdated. It's jus a massive missed opportunity and when they say they're happy to repeat the mess they had pushing mature Wii games it just annoys us.
ultimolu  +   2217d ago
Yes, focus on sales Snuka. It's never about the gameplay. Let's focus on how it didn't *sell* so well outside of Japan.

Whatever okay?
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sirbigam  +   2217d ago
This is interesting was playing the demo yesterday again, I just can't beleive this game hasn't been brought here, so good.

God I wish I took Japanese instead of French!
moeqawama  +   2217d ago
God I hope this happens...
lh_swe  +   2217d ago
This better happen
I have been hoping that this is going to happen for soo long now
Etseix  +   2217d ago
psh, they just need to put it a sub on english, Japanese voices rlz

psh, u know what, ujsut put the subs, n ill import the game

this game is awsome, played the demo n loved it, plz SEGA we count on you

..and dont forget Yakuza 4 ;D
OhReginald  +   2217d ago
the game is OKAY....
after i finished downloading and playing ninja gaiden sigma 2 demo I immediately went to download this game's demo....the graphics were kinda underwhelming and the gameplay screamed "LAST GEN!!"....idk maybe its for the best it stays in japan.
Raider69  +   2217d ago
Are you on crack or something,from the looks it seems so lol.!?
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topdawg122  +   2217d ago
Come one yakuza, another ps3 exclusive for us!
flaming_xbot  +   2217d ago
see you topdawg
when patches come thru....one after one after one after one....that's what i hate with ps3 every game is a patch and so on... maybe sony will release a game that doesn't need 4 patches socom cough socom oops i forgot bioshock, ghostbusters and many many others

sony= hardware

microsoft= software

ps3 is inefficient its a pain
#15.1 (Edited 2217d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
N4G king  +   2217d ago
microsoft patches it hardware like every year
and still gets RROD more than 50%
xbox360 is inefficient its a pain
TheEqualizer  +   2217d ago
poor bot
unless your a dev i dont think it really matters about updates, not only that though but every game ive ever put in my 360 ive had to do an update but then again according to your name your xbox went up in flames so yea...
Narutone66  +   2217d ago
It's easier to
patch a software than a hardware. Maybe MS was thinking that they could easily patch their defective hardware when they release the 360. Stupid logic.
Raider69  +   2217d ago
My day just got a lot happier!
SickNick85  +   2217d ago
D1 for me...
MrBuffalo  +   2217d ago
Do it! I'm playing through the Jap version with the help of a players guide but would appreciate it alot more in english. Please god make sega do it. Please!!! This will make me love my Ps3 more than my 360. Please sega!
clintagious650  +   2217d ago
Downloaded the yakuza 3 demo 3 days ago on the japanese psn store..
Damn I loved the combat system. Loved using the brass knuckles to kick the dude with the sword's azz in the club.

Also loved it when u go into that resteraunt/club/or whatever it was to meet that chick. If u go there a second time u meet an even hotter chick. I couldnt understand what they were saying but I was hoping he would bone her after lol.

Hope this game comes out to the US.
jrsenkbe  +   2217d ago
I love these games, VC, and the Persona series. they are real Japanese games.English subs is fine with me and preferred. Can we also get Kenzen? I imported it but its hards to enjoy fully because I dont speak Japanese. Bring out Yakuza 1 and 2 on blue ray like they are doing with God of War as well.
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   2217d ago
like a said it eirler
oh well.. nice to see it's proven
Raoh  +   2217d ago
I don't understand why localization is such an issue. start your localization early and you can release in a relatively decent time frame at lower cost probably with the majority of the dialogue done early and maybe final touches pre release.
SnukaTheMan  +   2216d ago
"Yes, focus on sales Snuka. It's never about the gameplay. Let's focus on how it didn't *sell* so well outside of Japan. "
tell that sh*t to square enix fatso...

AKS  +   2216d ago
This is a weird type of message to release to the public if they aren't seriously considering bringing this over. I'd love to see another Yakuza game brought over to Western shores. It's such an awesome series.

While we are discussing this issue, would it have been such a chore to include English subtitles in the Japanese version? At least give me the option of importing a version of the game in a language I can actually read. I bet one of the key reasons that Demon's Souls is going to get an official release in the US is because they saw that people wanted to play it enough that they imported it from other regions. I would have already bought both HD Yakuza games if they had English subtitles. This is a fact.

I realize that translating the language of an entire game is not easy, especially in a game with a lot of text like Yakuza 3, and the import market isn't huge, but I'm sure there are enough English speakers in the world eager to play good games to justify it financially. At least give us English subtitles in the original release in Japan and I'll do the rest if you don't want to do an offical Western release.

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