NY Politician Happy Staten Island Left Out of GTA IV

The latest installment in the controversial game franchise is set in Liberty City, a virtualized representation of the Big Apple.

But as today's New York Times reports, the borough of Staten Island has been left out of the game. And while some gamers are upset, at least one New York politician is pleased:

"I'm glad Staten Island is left out, frankly," Mr. Lanza said. Describing the game as "poisonous," Senator Andrew Lanza reflected on the real reason his borough did not make the cut.

"Perhaps it's because they know Staten Island is the safest place in the entire city," he said.

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bootsielon3997d ago

"Poisonous" your breath, moron.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3997d ago

but you can NEVER make EVERYONE happy.

Ban Me3997d ago

Can someone please explain why I should care about this?