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Will Alan Wake just be a disappointment?

Alan Wake, the psychological thriller game coming from acclaimed developers Remedy, is a game that really did look like something different. Something that promised new innovations, gorgeous graphics and a very story-driven focus, which certainly sounded exciting when the game was first shown to the public way back in 2006.

Is the game really going to be all that good, or will it be a big disappointment...? (Alan Wake, Culture, Xbox 360)

Update [UPDATE] For some reason some people seem to question the fact that Alan Wake is truly dropping the open-world gameplay, yet this has been revealed by Remedy themselves on several occasions after E3 2009. It will still have parts in the game where you can kind of roam around, but it will not be the sort of GTA/Shenmue style gameplay that was originally planned for the game. Additionally, the company have stated that they are putting a stronger emphasis on action to make Alan Wake more of a Remedy game, but this is also disappointing as the game was originally going to be psychological and less about just gunning down "zombies".

Tinted Eyes  +   1760d ago
Will Alan Wake just be a disappointment?
Yup, I mean taking out the open world? LAME
dolan  +   1760d ago
It's basically just a Resident Evil clone. Certainly nothing like the game it was hyped to be. Also, graphically it was quite a dud from the footage at E3. Not really surprising since it has been in development for so long and the engine is so old.
gamesR4fun  +   1760d ago
looks ok
sure its a long shot form what it was suppose to be but it might stil b fun n looks bout as good as anything can on the 360...
topdawg122  +   1760d ago
It looks like it will have a good story and voice acting, but the gameplay doesn't look that cool
Peter North  +   1760d ago
Of course it will be a disappointment, it's a 360 exclusive.
waitandsee  +   1760d ago
So says floppy-knob
MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
"Of course it will be a disappointment, it's a 360 exclusive."

man don't you ever fvcking clock out?
Nitrowolf2  +   1760d ago
Well He is Peter North...
topdawg122  +   1760d ago
Looks like another dissaopintment for the bots. This game looks like it has nothin but a good story. sorry
Peter North  +   1760d ago
If the 360 didn't suffer from limited disc space and RROD-rendering, Alan Wake would have the chance of being the last moderate success on the dying Xbox 360 platform.
Peter North  +   1760d ago
Look at what happened to Bear&Bird
They thought getting into the Automotive industry on the Xbox was a great idea but look what happened.
MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
ditch the efforts, the bear bird game hit a higher graphical note than the twisted wombat and bot combo.




you can take that combo and super-size it b1tch.
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callahan09  +   1760d ago
I've seen games that natively render in 1080p and don't look nearly as good as Call of Duty 4, which renders below 720p. Native resolution is mostly irrelevant to how good or bad a game can look. In my opinion, the PS3 Ratchet & Clank games have incredible graphics and look better than Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts on 360, even though Banjo is rendered at a higher native resolution. Just look at the polygon count, the texture quality, the fur effects, the shading, the lighting, etc. on Ratchet & Clank Future. It's stunning.
K1W1  +   1760d ago
It could be.
There is a lot of hype around this game, and being a new IP we don't really know what to expect.

It could go either way.

For the record, I hope it's a successful title for Remedy and Microsoft.
ShenmueLegacy  +   1760d ago
I agree, I really hope it is a good game. Let's just hope they haven't screwed it up with what they've changed in the game.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1760d ago
I was interested in this until they took out the open world part of it.
That was the thing that had me the most intrigued.

I could picture walking through a massive creepy forest at night.With nothing but the flashlight.

Would of been awesome.Shame they removed that.Most likely thanks to DVD.
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ShenmueLegacy  +   1760d ago
Actually it won't be due to DVD. I wish people were less ignorant on the DVD thing. DVD does not hinder games in any way, it only stops companies from putting in huge amounts of HD pre-rendered video ala MGS4 instead of using seamless in-game in-engine cutscenes. Please do your research before putting down DVD all the time. The hardcore gamers on the PC certainly don't complain that they aren't using Blu-Ray and don't need to.
ThatCanadianGuy   1760d ago | Spam
dolan  +   1760d ago

Wow, regardless of what console you favor, you really have to stop and look in the mirror and ask yourself is this who I really want to be when you are rationalizing an outdated storage format.

Feel free to link to any posts of yours from last gen or previous gens where you were arguing against the 'wasteful DVD' format when games can easily fit on a CD. Or how CD are just for sloppy developers who only want to not use 'compression' and fill games with movies.

Or did you suddenly have this change of mind the moment the console you owned ended up having less storage than consoles did last gen?
HDgamer  +   1760d ago
Yeah how in the hell was MGS4 pre-rendered when all of their cutscenes was done in game? Yeah your argument was smashed by facts.
ShenmueLegacy  +   1760d ago
They weren't done in-game, that's just the fact. They were pre-rendered cutscenes. Are you basically saying that PC gamers are hindered by DVD then? Of course they're not, just like we're not on consoles if we use DVD. The fact is that Blu-Ray is the future, I'm not denying that, but DVD works perfectly for games at the moment and will be fine for years to come. I'm not a fanboy taking any sides, I'm just stating the facts here. I do have a 360 AND a PS3 so I'm not being all fanboyish like some are here. Just get over it, Blu-Ray isn't necessary yet.
HDgamer  +   1760d ago
They were done in game, you can zoom in one some of the stuff, interact with the scenes and everything else. You don't have a shred of proof to contradict facts.
swiftshot93  +   1760d ago
What I dont get is the hype. It looks really fun with a cool atmosphere and interesting story, but why are 360 fans more excited for it than something like Splinter Cell or Mass Effect 2 which look like better games IMO. Those games look phenomenal.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1760d ago
I expect Coolirisb/Why dis/really duh/MGSR SD version/corrywebb93 to be working damage control on this for the next few hours.
MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
and i expect YOU to do damage control in ps3 related articles.......NOT HERE.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1760d ago
Damage control over what? The superior version of tales of vesperia?

Or maybe the superior version of Star ocean?
How many AAA games have you played this year? LOL!

I got nothing to complain about.PS3 treats me good :)
MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
right, and that ghost busters is 720p native on 360 just like a huge majority of multiplats on 360. (that is day one of course on 360.....not a whole year later's worth of trying to get it to work correctly)

lol,your colors are so visible.
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   1760d ago
No doubt ghostbusters looks like sh*t.They had to use the same engine they used for 360 (with some tweaks here & there)

Meanwhile, games like NGS2, Tov, Star ocean etc.All get their own optimized codes for PS3.

You know how it goes, Games optimized for PS3 destroy 360 versions.In every way.You Can't deny that.

A year later..so? During that year i've played

Killzone 2
MLB 09
Demon's souls
When i'm done with those, i get the better version of your former exclusives.LOL!

Meanwhile, you had what? Halo wars?

Keeping agreeing with yourself buddy, maybe somebody will care lmao
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MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
right, and tekken6 (which 360 appears to be slaughtering ps3 while maintaining a simultaneous release date)



and same thing with bioshock 1 and 2, with 360's version being 720p vs ps3's 680p. (360 was the console that made bioshock goty......ps3 is the reason why nobody talks about it anymore)
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ThatCanadianGuy  +   1760d ago
Remember guys...

Try and act surprised for the big secret ending of the game!
You know, the part where he wakes up and realizes it was all a dream...
Sangria  +   1760d ago
I already have been disappointed when i saw it was a zombie shooter. I know i'll pick it because [Remedy] and because [hype] but i wish it had a more conventional storyline.
But it doesn't matter if it's an open world or not. A game doesn't need an open world to be good (even if many of my favorite games are more or less in an open world, but i wouldn't care if they were strictly linear).
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ShenmueLegacy  +   1760d ago
I agree it is disappointing to see what they've done with the storyline with the whole zombie shooting thing...it looks so run-of-the-mill :(
foxtheory  +   1760d ago
No open world
was a HUGE letdown. I just hope that the reason they removed it was to enhance the experience and not because of small space.
THE MAX SPEED 21  +   1760d ago
Why its only PS3 fanboys in here ?
MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   1760d ago
they're bored.

.....to busy bragging about the selection ps3 has.....which is off topic.
keysy420  +   1760d ago
their is a problem with games coming to the 360
ok seriously and bots will hate this but 360 isn't making any good games. m$ doesn't force advances in games, what i mean by that is if this game was on the ps3 and say it was gonna be just mediocre then the dev'S can get away with it because the game is gonna graphically be amazing. what will the alan wake bring on the 360 probably a good story line ok game play and overall about a 8.0.still the game will be over shadowed by all that the ps3 is doing. Dev's should have thought to take this game to the ps3 because it has potential but it needs the graphics to get the hype back around this game. Take heavy rain that game is staying hot on graphics alone you haven't even heard too much about the story line, gameplay only graphics. even if heavy rain sucks people are gonna play it because its a cg movie.

seriously i think dev's are going to use the ps3 as their test platform soon, which it already seems like theya re doing. i fyou are going to release some big title that hasn't been played before and its not a shooter you have to go with the ps3. I love my shooters but right now the market is flooded really flooded with shooters. think mag 3 active call of duties soon, killzone , halo , socom( say what you want but people play the crap out of it), resistance, gears, uncharted. uncharted and gears arent fps. but every game i just listed deserves to be respected and they are all great games.
but now it the time that i am wanting my rpg's, adventrue, strategey, games.
ms get onthe ball and start delievering
TheLog  +   1760d ago
Wow i did'nt know some people really are, i dun know what to call them.
People would just take in everything they read these days.
Would you belive if some journal wrote your mom is no longer open world? Huh? Hahahahaha

According to remedy the game is still open world.
Go check this at Brightfalls.net if you don belive be.
ShenmueLegacy  +   1760d ago
Come on, don't try to be a fanboy here. They've said it's going to ditch the open world and that's fact. Sam Lake has told people this and heres one link that proves it: http://www.totalvideogames....

I've been really really looking forward to Alan Wake for a long time, but I really am disappointed with how they've changed it since the original plans for the game. It might still be good but it just looks so much like a typical sort of game rather than the special game it could have been.
TheLog  +   1760d ago
Yeah go on belive the journalist and for get about

REMEDY'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE where they put all the information. I have found their official faqs but i dunno how to put links. Here is the OFFICIAL one http://forum.alanwake.com/s...

The journalist better go back to school & maby you too, they dont even know the difference between open world and sandbox. Its no more sandbox element but there is still open world.

Your facts are worng dont just take what you hear get a credible source before making a fanboy claim on people. Anyway you can say what you want about me but at least im not a negative hater.
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