MMO Developers doomed

Raph Koster is one of the best-known names in the MMO space, but he's no longer preaching to the Ultima Online choir, and has a strong message - the MMO biz " doomed because the web is stealing their thunder." How so? Gamasutra talked to him to find out.

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dragunrising4230d ago

If people take the time to read the article they should come away with more than "MMO's developers doomed." For everyone that wants a quick and dirty summary... MMO's are too big and too content driven. The resoures to make these games are not only costly but take years to produce. They are created for a closed system which is tightly regulated and the content might not be appreciated by a large audience (bad investment). The bloat that are MMO games limit the audience rather than bring in new users. Small, free, less costly games are finding huge success. Take Runescape for example; free and possible more users than WOW worldwide. There is a huge audience for these types of games. They are intuitive, creative, and not intimidating for the casual audience. I think the article is really on to a age of social networking (myspace/facebook)it might be a good idea to reach out to nongamers/casual gamers with games that appeal in the same way, abeit more interactive. Playstation Home is getting the praise it deserves because its doing exactly this. All we need now is Xbox Live Home (aka Xbox Live Vista) and Virtua :-P

Xi4230d ago

MMO's will begin to make less and less money as more and more are developed. The userbase for an mmo isn't as big as other genres and as more titles are developed more and more of this userbase is spread out among the different games. I think games like guild wars and diablo will likely fill the role of those people that like the online rpg experience but unlikely to buy an MMO. Pay to Play is to much of a turn off for to many people.

gta_cb4230d ago

yeh you are right, although it WONT stop me from buying Dragon Ball Online! =D hehe love the series and am extremely glad there making an online version of it! =D