Pokemon World Championships 2009 writes: "While the Pokemon World Championships 2009 focused on both the card and video game franchises, the video game tournament is where the exciting action really went down. The top 60 video game players from United States, Japan and Europe were invited after previously defeating hundreds of challengers in qualifying tournaments held around the globe.

The demographics of the Pokemon brand are truly astonishing and vast. While we may not admit it, it's a game that entices us all by its cutesy design and unique style. Don't believe me? Well this event featured competitors aged 6 to 55!

This championship series was serious business to the attendees, and each competitor had his/her eyes locked on the prize. When the dust cleared, the Bulbasaur's and Charmander's were safe in their Poke Balls, and the competitor's sported anime styled 'X' eyes, there stood the glorious winners."

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AssBallsMcGay3139d ago

People actually play the card game? I didn't know that.

Yast3r3139d ago

Yeah, I used to play it when they first came out. I fondly remember those days, but since I was 11 then, I couldn't imagine touching the decks as I'm coming on 20.

But I guess people still find entertainment in them, and maybe even their children now find value in the cards, so that's kind of cool that they're still kicking around.