Football (Soccer) Management Games: What's Their Appeal?

DualShockers writes:
'Probably not the best title for this editorial, I'm actually a fairly big fan of football management games (Because football is football, and American Football really should be called 'Handegg') but I don't know why. You see, in reality I've not little to no interest in football at all, even at a national level, I feel like I'm committing treason if I don't watch the England football team lose for the fiftieth successive time (okay, that's an exaggeration but the point remains)'

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iiprotocolii3141d ago

Hilarious editorial. lol and a good one at that.

BROOKLYN N-M-E3140d ago

Bringing the UK perspective and funny

whoelse3140d ago

I am sort of addicted to CM2010 and I don't really know why. I'm not a huge football fan but there is something about it that brings me back again and again.

taz80803141d ago

A good question though, who the hell does play these games?

BROOKLYN N-M-E3140d ago

Americans love Handegg I guess

taz80803140d ago

Football means many things to different people.

iiprotocolii3140d ago

heh.. like a foot to the crotch. That's one.

Chadness3140d ago

Handegg...haha. I always wondered why American Football is even called football at all... *shrug* I'm not that into the sport myself, unless its a Super Bowl party with my friends. Although, I do keep up on LSU wins/losses as far as college football goes, but that's about it.

TheFlyingPenguin3140d ago

I'm an addict of these kind of games.........

shadowfish3140d ago

CM10 until 28th October.

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