Neocrisis: First Force Unleashed Screens *PC*

Neocrisis: The first 5 screens for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PC has surfaced. Also includes both box arts for the PC and Mac. Fact sheet is also shown.

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karan86243109d ago

My cousin has a great gaming rig, Im guessing they'll beef up the graphics and effects, so I hope he gets it. I still dont get why they didnt release it on PC from the get-go

jazzking20013109d ago

ya u need a high end comp for this game

SpaceSquirrel3109d ago

Probably because of the high piracy rate for PC games.

jazzking20013109d ago

lol no
it does not matter if u release the game now or 2 yrs later

Pandamobile3109d ago

It wasn't originally developed for PC. It's a port. Asypr does a good job with PC/Mac ports though.

TheIneffableBob3109d ago

One of the LucasArts guys said that it wasn't going to be released on PC because you'd need a $4,000 PC to play the game. I think he got fired.

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dkgshiz3109d ago

Same with RE5. The pc gets really delayed ports.

BWS19823109d ago

but sometimes it's the other way around...Sacred 2? Inferno? Half-Life 1? Unreal Tournament 1? Star Craft? Doom? Duke Nukem 3D? The original Red Alert or Command and Conquer? It goes both ways, remember, and often the PC versions come beefed up either in graphics and/or options..(ie: Mass Effect, et al).

dirthurts3109d ago

This rocked the ol Xbox. I'm glad the Pc market gets to play too. I wish I would have waited though. I'd take my pc graphics over the xbox anyday.

Charmers3109d ago

It will be a cold day in hell before Lucasarts sees any more of my money that's for sure. There attitude to the PC has been one of contempt and I shall quite happily reply in kind. Seriously if you buy this game you are doing the PC a grave disservice.

Oh and no that doesn't mean I am going to "steal it" I wouldn't even waste my bandwidth on low rate crap like this.

kaveti66163109d ago

Actually, if you don't buy it then Lucasarts will assume there is no PC market for their games, and then they probably won't make many more games for PC. However, if a great deal of people buy this then Lucasarts will keep in mind that they have a decent PC following and they won't wait so long to port the game over. That's just my 2 cents.

dirthurts3109d ago

The only way to get more pc support, is to buy more of their games. They know where the real money is (xbox, ps3, even wii). The Pc crowd is much smaller. This is why they don't push the Pc. Less money. So buy some games!

Pandamobile3109d ago

I'll gladly buy this on Steam or D2D or something when it gets a sale.

Charmers3109d ago

I honestly couldn't care less if George Lucas appeared naked on stage tomorrow to state that they are dropping PC development forever. In my eyes Lucasarts ceased to be anything special a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

If me not buying their games makes them ditch the PC then great. The PC really does not need a two bit organisation like Lucasarts. I know right now Force Unleashed will bomb on the PC because it isn't the kind of game PC gamers will want to pay for. We want a sequel to Jedi Academy not this crappy hack and slash console game.

kaveti66163109d ago

Um, ok dude. Clearly, your hatred of Lucasarts boils down to the fact that you're anticipating a particular Star Wars game and not getting it. I can understand your feelings, as I was anticipating a Kotor 3 and instead have to be satisfied with a MMO. But just because a company makes missteps doesn't mean they deserve to be called two bit organizations. From what I know, Lucasarts has a pretty good track record for the kinds of games they make and publish. Grim Fandango comes to mind. The more games on the PC, the merrier. Who are you to say that this isn't the type of game that PC gamers are interested in? Are you an omniscient hive mind?

Charmers3109d ago

Nope just been a PC gamer for 20 years and I know this kind of crap just won't sell on the PC. People that game on the PC want an involving, complexed, sustained experience not a button masher that is over in 5 minutes, which for all intents and purposes is what Force Unleashed is.

Anyway I doubt I will be able to run Force Unleashed. After all wasn't this game supposed to require a $4000 PC ? I mean there is no way my puny Q6600 with GTX260 could run this game because it didn't cost me anywhere near $4000 in fact it cost a lot less than $1000.

Seriously if you support this company and it's tactics then you just deserve all you get from them. Lucasarts has treated PC gamers and PC gaming with utter contempt and like I said I don't mind replying in kind even if it means they ditch the PC.

kaveti66163109d ago

Again, where is the validity of your statement? If I drive a car for another 15 years it won't make me an expert on cars and people's opinions on cars. Anecdotal evidence is not enough to support your claims. Also, games like Grim Fandango and that pirate game that Lucasarts made are all point and click adventures. They're simple, yet fun. I'm not saying Force Unleashed is a great game, but I don't understand how you can hate it so much, or how you can hate Lucasarts so much. They're delivering a game to PC. That's the end of it. You're gonna boycott a company because they did one thing you didn't like? Let me boycott Bungie because the Flood isn't scary in Halo 3. Let me boycott Valve because they're releasing a sequel earlier than I would prefer. Let me boycott Sony because their console doesn't come in the color white in America. Boo hoo.

Charmers3109d ago

No I am going to take my money elsewhere because Lucasarts isn't working hard enough to EARN my money. I am after all a potential customer and in my view they have treated me with contempt. If you go into a restaurant and you end up waiting for several hours for your meal whilst everyone else gets served quick time then you will think twice about going there again.

If you really think Force Unleashed stands a chance of doing well on the PC then you really need to read some reviews. Hell the game has a metacritic score of just 73 and a user score of 64. Yeah that sounds like a game worth buying. Unfortunately due to piracy most PC gamers will get an ample chance to "try before they buy" and I can tell you now most won't get past the "try" bit.

I am not buying this game because it is a crappy button mashing 5 minute thing (like most console games). It is typical of the crap Lucasarts churns out these days. Now had they bothered to make a decent game I would at least entertain supporting them. But I am not going to buy a game as weak and sorry as Force Unleashed just so I can "support them". If Lucasarts wants my money then they have to do a hell of a lot better than this to earn it.

evrfighter3109d ago

driving cars and pc gaming are not even the close to being the same. In cars your stick inside with no one but yourself. PC gaming revolves around its communities. you could see someone on the road a few times in a row and it doesn't mean squat. When you have someone on your team that you see from time to time there's more comradery involved.

20 years of pc gaming will give you insight to pc gamer habits. He's right when he says it won't sell. Because it won't. I don't know one person I play with who would buy it. Me included

dirthurts3108d ago

I'm sure it will run just fine on any modern gaming computer. Any Dual core with a 512 card should do fine. That's just the trend.

DeadlyFire3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

This game will bomb. If not I will be surprised. PC gamers want a game that follows the Jedi Outcast/Jedi Academy gameplay style that gave you 100% freedom to swing and slice and dice everyone.

Not 100 steps backwards into a Dynasty Warriors game style. No offense to that game though that is actually fun. This game I found to be boring and very out of place. Force powers use is very simple and there isn't nearly as much destruction as the initially promised its very limited actually. I was expecting a hell of alot more with this game on consoles. Glad I only rented it. IF I bought it I might of burned it in a trash can or threw it out. I would hate to pass such a distasteful game on to someone else. The endings of this game are terrible as well. I thought you would have more of a choice. Not lets kill Vader or lets kill Palpatine that isn't a choice. Either way glad they made it difficult to fight them. At least one thing fits. Everyone else in the game was easy as slicing pie. Played whole game on the so called hard difficulty as well.

Jedi Academy is still fun 6 years later as I play it with Moviebattles 2 mod now. JKA Galaxies mod coming along for it as well. There is a HL2 Star Wars mod to come based kinda on the Moviebattles gameplay in this MB2 JKA mod. It will be alot more open as the HL2 engine can do alot more and add quite a bit to the gameplay experience.

As far as needing a $4000 PC. Haha what a joke. This game has nothing that demanding in it if its anything like the console version any CPU bought in the last 5 years and any recent videocard will run this game. Some maybe not on High end, but you get the picture.

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Nihilism3109d ago

that rancor looks like it has unrealengine-itis, and yes i know the game doesn't unreal engine

kaveti66163109d ago

What, is it shiny? Because I assume Rancors have slime on their skin.

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