Zune HD apps are here... complete with pre-roll ads

Apps function just as you'd expect-they're small programs that look great and really take advantage of the nice screen. They are all professionally designed by Microsoft, though a couple are really worthless (ahem, Shell Game... Of the Future), but hey, they're free!

Or, rather, they're "free," since Microsoft has apparently decided to sell ads against them. The ads show up during app launch, which takes an astonishingly long time. Booting Chess took 30 seconds, though I suppose one could be grateful for the Kia Soul video that gives the eyes something to do.

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rrodhaha3050d ago

MS fail big time with these ads.

MetalGearRising3050d ago

My psp is out the window this is my new toy from now.

user8586213050d ago

imagine RROD when its ryt next to ur nuts.........ouch!

JaggedSac3050d ago

That is how it is on the current Zune. Nothing new here, move along.

PROFIT3050d ago

ill just watch and see what happens.

though i kinda have a feeling of whats ahead for the zhd

I_am_rushin3050d ago

I got my ZHD yesterday and haven't had a single video ad yet. Maybe it's because I keep wifi off?

dragunrising3050d ago people are complaining about free apps because of a 6 second Hyundai advertisement?

I have 9 apps for free. Thanks Microsoft :-)

LONEWOLF2313050d ago

Yeah man i got mine yesterday as well. This is only the beginning for ZHD and as stated before the future looks bright. Ohh and yeah the screen looks WAY better than the Itouch.

PROFIT3050d ago

yes the oled screens totally take a dump on the iphone as far as rich detail and colours.

how do you guys like the interface so far?

MerkinMax3050d ago

I purchased the 32 GB Platinum and it is great. The interface is great looking and smooth thanks to the NVIDIA Graphics. This is coming from a previous iPod touch user BTW.

PROFIT3049d ago

lol, the ipod touch is garbage so i gave it to my girl. too restrictive in my opinion, but some people love it.bleeeehhhhhhhhh

hmmm, i expected the nvidia chip to help alot with the processing.

it will be interesting to see the games coming out for the zhd.

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Peter North3050d ago

The hell is a Zune HD App?

Saaking3050d ago

It's some fail attempt by ms to ripoff apple. @ giantenemycrap stfu, what the hell does that even stand for?

user8586213050d ago

let me rephrase that, the hells a zune?? :S

36T3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

GiantEnemyCrab "RTMFA"

LOL! seriously. Read the mutha fvckin article. That's my guess and it's true, RTMFA!

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JokesOnYou3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

A couple pics of my new sexy toy.

edit damm I don't know why I still can't attach images...aahh whatever, anyway I'm still playing around with it but its a great mp3 player and the new software is hot....I love new toys.[walks off singing]


mintaro3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Would you recommend it? Im thinking about a Zune HD and an iphone right now and im not sure which one to get.

xTruthx3050d ago

Same here, I havent bought a zhd becuase I heard they where releasing the next gen ipod touch

dragunrising3050d ago


Perhaps I'm biased as the Zune HD is my first PMP, but its simply a sight to behold (and control). The screen alone is worth it. The UI is gorgeous and intuitive. Its very unique and very different from the iPod Touch. I would play around with a Zune HD (Best Buy?) before making a purchase and/or read a review or two. Here's a link to one:

I haven't been able to put mine down.

Captain Tuttle3050d ago

How's the browser? Have you watched a video yet?

IdleLeeSiuLung3050d ago

I want one, but man it is too expensive for PMP. Why aren't these things cheaper in general?

I blame Apple for dominating the market and MS for not being a better competitor. Maybe this will change.

JokesOnYou3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

@ mintaro...I'd say go with the zune, but to be fair I haven't played with the new iPods lately...I had the old zune for like 2 yrs now, thing was a tank and I really like it, this new Zune HD is by far superior to the old Zune, I know thats expected some what but the design, the specs, and so far the functionality with the software is just in a word "cool", the OLED screen is just fcking sweet, and I really like how I'm picking up HD radio signal, its sharp and crisp. The games are basic fun, they work well but don't expect any big time games, still just looking at them on this screen, damm its beautiful. I suggest you go to a electronics store that lets you play around with the iPod and new Zune HD, I think you'll find the Zune HD hard to beat in features especially for the money.

@ Captain so far I haven't been able to really try it out yet "Can't connect(your Zune cant associatet with the network.) Try again?" -message. I'm at work, the wi-fi here sucks. I did watch a few vids though and again pics of the screen just don't do it justice, you guys got to go test it for won't be dissapointed.

@ IdleLeeSiuLung...these things have alot of sophisticated tech inside them, I hear tilt functionality alone although sounds basic to you is expensive tech and I when you start to add up all the tech packed into this little gadgets its very expensive, if it were not for the competition I'm sure they would charge alot more. Then again I make good money and partying, games, and gadgets is where it all goes.


edit, Captain Tuttle I know bro...I feel like a pretty little virgin at a porno couch casting party. lol

Captain Tuttle3050d ago

Just not in the budget yet.

Damn, 2 bubbles? What happened?

FragMnTagM3049d ago

and it is very well put together PMP. The internet on it works good, the HD Radio is nice, OLED screen is bright and crisp, and the battery is still going strong from a 2 hour charge yesterday. I have been playing with it non-stop.

The new DJ mode on the Zune software 4.0 is really nice touch. I can't wait to see what it has in store for the XBOX 360 integration coming soon.

I'll give you a bubble JOY as you are one of the most level-headed people on this site.


bubble to you JO. your a legend in my book

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