5 Things That Make A Perfect FPS

Go Gaming Giant takes a look at five essential things that make a shooter perfect.

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astrobrights3231d ago

I'm not sure if there will ever be the perfect FPS...

nomoregameblogs3230d ago

couldn't agree with you more!

Timesplitter143230d ago

"Great gameplay, not rushed and well balanced"


RaymondM3231d ago

5 good points, although I would have added a number 6 to the list and included: amazing story. But this makes a bunch of good points. Good job

Ziriux3230d ago

@ Raymond.

No their five common sense points, that every developer follows anyways but does not fully execute on, this list doesn't nothing different than what a process of every developer is already.

Go Gaming Giant3230d ago

I think if the gameplay is good enough it can make up for a weak story

astrobrights3230d ago

I agree with the story thing. Too many FPS games have terrible campaign stories.

Ziriux3230d ago

Well of course, since most gamer these days are about MP games, it makes sense, but if a game fails in gameplay and MP and all it has is to go based on it's story, than that's where it might fail, unless the story is as engaging as the one in MGS games. Either way it goes to show that all three elements are important, that is Story, Gameplay and Graphics.

gooneygugu3230d ago

From everything I have seen and talking to the devs, Brink the upcoming game from Bethesda and Splash Damage seems like it may be a contender for the crown.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3230d ago


Everything else comes after those two.

Go Gaming Giant3230d ago

lol well said, also you need a decent enemy AI

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The story is too old to be commented.