Meristation: Gran Turismo PSP Review

Meristation writes: "Gran Turismo hits shelves at the same time that PSP Go does. At first, anyone would assume that it's one of the most important games for the handheld, but its visuals and the number of cars available are not what we expected. If we take into account the whole series thus far, we don't understand why they decided to don't add the Career mode to the mix, and just four cars racing at the same time doesn't seem enough."

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Wakka_3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Only four cars on track? Pathetic. Gameplay & career mode > amount of cars available on game, graphics, other worthless stuff.

raztad3110d ago


Amount of cars, graphics are worthless stuff? thats funny as hell.

Yeah I agree that more cars on track would be better, but this is just a portable game. Are you expecting something like 16 cars on track? oh wait 8 is enough I guess :)

Sunny_D3110d ago

Don't forget with the graphics it's performing, it's still able to perform at 60FPS.

54percent3110d ago

I think they don't get the "HANDHELD VERSION" stuff yet

Wakka_3110d ago

Wipeout Pure for PSP has 8 cars on track, lots of single player modes and online play and that was a 2005 game, maybe launch not sure. For 4 years in the making, this is a flop. Polydigital is overrated.

randomwiz3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

"Polydigital is overrated. "

thats like saying bungie is overrated

Turn 10 is way over rated. Their only success came in bundling Forza 2 with the 360. I would've never picked up Forza if it was sold separately.

talltony3110d ago

That since this has been getting mixed reviews that GT5 will suffer the same fate. Lets see what we have in GT5 to compare to GT PSP.

-1080p 60fps
-16 cars in a race.
-A Career MODE!

GT PSP has none of that but fanboys love saying GT5 will suffer the same fate regardless.

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Ldubbz3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

This was supposed to make me wanna KEEP my PSP. What the hell is the point of having 800 cars, but no career mode? 800 cars...but only 4 on a race at a time? And it has LESS customization than GT1?!

I dont get it...GT1 was on a CD-ROM, meaning 700MB maximum. And they cant give us a career mode with almost 2GB? Or even the 1GB that people have been saying it was limited to? And thats another thing...are you telling me the PSP Go means that ALL games will now have LESS space to use than before with UMD? I sure as hell hope thats not true, cuz I will defnitely sell this sucker.

Anyone interested in a mint-condition launch PSP, hacked of course ;) LOL

EDIT: Yeah, I did think about the fact that the PSP probably uses better assets that could require more space than GT1. That being said however, GT 1 and 2 still look better, albeit not at 60fps (unless you count the bonus night tracks...Clubman FTW!)

Chris3993110d ago

So I really care less about review scores. It's free. And it's car-porn in the palm of my hand.

This series, for me, is mostly about the eye-candy and I haven't heard one reviewer attack the game on that front.

And again, it's free. Can't complain about that.

P.S. I'm certain that there is more going on - technically - with GT PSP than with the PSX version. The textures, AI, models, everything: hence the larger data footprint.

MikeMichaels3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Race around courses..make more cars...race for more money to buy fast/better/rally cars...race them...make more money, buy better cars...800 times.

....Kinda sound like a career to me, just different. More, bite sized.

Then there are what, 102 driving missions? Sounds like tons of stuff to do.

Either way, for me....Nürburgring in my pocket = Day 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and here's a screenshot of GT1 for reference.
....right, Ldunce. Pretty close LMAO

Ldubbz3110d ago

A guy named MikeMichaels is calling me Ldunce...classic.

The fact remains there is no career mode, there are only 4 cars on screen at once. and I have to wait for thr right day to buy the car I want? What the hell is that?!

Look, Im not here simply to bash GT and be happy that it sucks, quite the contrary. And I find it amusing that you were so incensed that you went and dug up a screenshot from GT1 (thanks for the trip down memory lane!) just to show me the difference. Thans for that.

But my view remains the same, this game is not what I nor many of others thought it would be. I dont for one second buy that "well its simplified for PSP" garbage either. GTA was just like, well GTA. Same with GoW. Races only last for 5 min or so average, its not that hard to let u save after each one and pick it up from there. And dont call it GT it GT Express or some crap like that.

but if this seems like the kinda game you were looking for, then by all means have a ball.

PISSIO3110d ago

Gran Turismo FAIL Portable.

NegativeCreep4273110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

It still beats the hell out of Wet and Banjo Kazooie.

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