MassiveDamage: Scribblenauts Review

MassiveDamage writes "If you enjoy expressing your creativity, even if it means scoring lower or having to put up with some questionable interpretations of physics, then you will be playing Scribblenauts for years to come. For my part, I still love this game, even if I have been somewhat disillusioned concerning what it turned out to be. It's a lot like an all-powerful sandbox with a game placed on top of it - but it's clear at this point that the game doesn't quite fit the sandbox. If this sounds appealing to you, despite its flaws, then Scribblenauts is a must-buy."

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dribbles3229d ago

Great review. I'll probably pick this up tomorrow.

stevedawonder3229d ago

Getting it when its in the bargain bin. Totally PoS controls according to me friends.