Rumor : Gran Turismo 5 Will Feature BMW Vision Efficientdynamics Concept

There is a rumor going on that BMW ( Bayerische Motoren Werke) the German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company that is known for its performance and luxury vehicles will feature every series from past, present, and future in Gran Turismo 5 including prototypes and concepts. So does the Vision Efficientdynamics count? We hope so.

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Dutch Boogie2989d ago

The Real Driving Simulator. GT5 will rape all racing games this gen until GT6.

irish-leprecaun2988d ago

thats where the real conversation is taking place.

MetalGearRising2989d ago

Awesome looking forward to GT5 its a shame it won't have 29 Ferraris like Forza 3 but the good news is i'll get both games.

PirateThom2989d ago

How do you know it won't have 29 Ferraris? Have you see the car list?

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IrishRepublicanArmy2988d ago

i dont think he was calling you in particular!!

irish-leprecaun2988d ago

now suddenly love ferrari's!!
ye do know ps3 has an exclusive ferrari game if it means that much to ya!!
play b3yond, play leprechaun!

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zootang2989d ago

I'm happy with the E36 M3. I haven't drove one in years. GT5 will be the only way to experience that feeling again. I can't wait!

I guess this is what a little girl craving for a pony feels like. I want it now!

Sunny_D2988d ago


PirateThom2988d ago

I think "The Real Driving Simulator" looks better on box art.

"The Drive of Your Life" for TV ads though.

Fishy Fingers2988d ago

"The Drive of Your Life" Is a Peugeot tag line I believe.

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The story is too old to be commented.