MMORPG: Warhammer Online Status Update Interview's Carolyn Koh spoke recently with WAR producer Destin Bales about the current status of the game and what Mythic is working for for the future.

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Chris3993051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

Played this game for 3 months straight (WAR), and while the fundamental systems and lore were interesting, nothing seemed properly implemented.

My fairly high-end computer slowing to a crawl in RVR combat, which is essentially the focus of the game, wasn't cool either. And no, it's not the connection (dedicated cable) or any other PC troubleshooting issue, it's the game.

Oh, and having sparsely populated servers (seeing as they initially launched like 50 more than were needed) in a game that is reliant on dense populations and conflicts, was a pretty sore over-step as well.

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