First Star Ocean: The Last Hope PS3 Screens

The guys over at Square Enix have just sent RPGSite some screens to go along with the Western release announcement for Star Ocean: The Last Hope International for the PS3. There's only three of 'em, but they are pretty!

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-GoldenTimeLover-3050d ago

Much much beautiful on the PS3. Beta tested confirmed. lol

robotnik3050d ago

Superior version, better graphics, more enjoyable, HD textures, ONE DISK!

Waldex3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Payback's a b!tch right stupid animals?

3050d ago
El_Colombiano3050d ago

"Since when is getting a game 1 year after it's release cool?????"

Since Xbox 360 was used to test, and fund vastly superior PS3 games.

SaiyanFury3050d ago

I prefer Sony over Microsoft, but I've not once ever said, "I don't want the game BECAUSE it's on the 360". I didn't get it because I wanted to see if there was a PS3 release in the future. Now I've waited and now I can get it. The PS3 controller is more comfortable for me, and I'll have the with WITH Japanese dialogue (thank YOU S-E!) and English subtitles.

FamilyGuy3050d ago

Your comprehension skills seem to be lacking refinement. The part where we get extra content is what is "cool", the part where we get games that were claimed to be exclusive to another console is "cool", NOT the part where we get games at a much later date.

Think of it this way, would you buy a Game of the year edition of a game a year after the original first released if said GOTY edition had tons of extras that you wanted? You might, you might not but tons of other people do other wise GOTY editions wouldn't be released and the GOW1&2 remastered disc wouldn't have any hype/interest.

gaffyh3050d ago

Is it just me or do these look a little TOO good? Especially that second pic, it looks like a CGI render rather than in-game.

vhero3050d ago

@ kevoncox - Yeah and how long was the lifespan of the original Xbox again? The PS3 is completely different. That's an idiot comparison and something that should be left for the open zone. Your comparing 1 game that sold a LOT more on the PS2 than the Xbox even though the Xbox had the "superior" version. The difference this time kevoncox is that this game will outsell the 360 version in Japan by a long shot and almost if not beat it in Europe and USA. So your argument is stupid and pointless. Also I don't think adding custom music to a game has the same effect as the massive additions this games getting.

FamilyGuy3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

What's the point of showing screen shots of CG cut scenes? I doubt these screens look any different than the 360 version so unless these scenes weren't in the 360 version this is pointless.


The xbox version of that game didnt add custom music, the xbox itself did that. All games of xbox could play with custom music.

Baka-akaB3050d ago

"As yourself whats the rip paying 9.99 for the xbox version of NG2 or paying 59.99 for it?"

What's funny is how you seems to complain about fanboys , yet comes out as a far bigger one .

Anyone with observation skills see and knows that NG2 sigma got enough new addition and new 3d engine to be called a different game . Hell had they chosen to do an original spin off story instead of the same campaign , you probably wouldnt speak about it .

The co-op alone make it a brand new game and experience

kevoncox3049d ago

I fear most of you miss understood. My point was that this isn't anything to bash the 360 on. it's a win for you all. However, most of your sony brethren have decided to use the term Beta when talking about these games. My original question still stands....Wasn't the Ps2 the Beta console of last gen? I expect the true fanboys to burst into tears.

Willio3049d ago

Ps2 still release some games simultaneously with Xbox 360. What's your point? PS2 was the last console to faze out last gen. How does that make it a beta console for the next gen?

slayorofgods3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

No. The PS2 is the best selling console of all time and had all developers full support. Microsoft had to dish out money to get developers to put their games on the original xbox. The big difference this generation is that the developers that put their games on the 360 as exclusives have crawled their way back to Sony. Instead of Sony begging for games they demand game improvements and additional content with the money that game developers have once again got from Microsoft's bribing.

In case you need more proof
games such as GTA3 that were released on to the original xbox were direct ports with no additional content or any improvements what-so-ever, (Where is the Beta at?)
games such as SO4 and Tales of Verperia for the PS3 have additional content, but also respond to feedback and complaints to improve their games, (That sounds just like Beta testing to me)

Did you mean true "xbox" fanboys (i.e. you) when you made the bursting into tears comment?

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MetalGearRising3050d ago

I've already had the game for Xbox360 so theirs no point of getting it for my ps3 and i can't see much of a difference i was hoping for a massive upgrade very disappointed not happy at all.

-GoldenTimeLover-3050d ago

I got these from your comment history:
"This will be bad for ps3 it will end up 4th in the console war."
"Poor droids no games to play so sad."
"Too late Sony ever heard of NATAL thats what all the press and gaming professions are talking about."

With comments like these I'm 100% sure you have no PS3. You're just being an idiot.

OmarJA3050d ago

Thank you for beta testing bot...

Get over it.

Harry_Manback3050d ago

If you already have it for your 360, and theres no point in getting it for your ps3, then whats the point in being disappointed thats its not a massive upgrade?

54percent3050d ago

"MetalGearRising - 1 hour ago
2 -
I've already had the game for Xbox360 so theirs no point of getting it for my ps3 and i can't see much of a difference i was hoping for a massive upgrade very disappointed not happy at all. "

Let's translate this:

"I'm butthurted because I bought an incomplete, full of bugs, disk [email protected], unfinished, low rendered version"

Finalfantasykid3050d ago

I'd say there is a pretty big difference between versions. Though the one I am posting could be a real time cutscene, where as the ones in the article could be in engine, but in video format, which could allow for more AA or whatever.

Finalfantasykid3050d ago

I found a screenshot of the 360 version which seems to have similar cutscene quality(Probably a video/scripted cutscene).

The PS3 version still looks better. The edges seem to have better AA or something.

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DonCorneo3050d ago

it looked last-gen on the 354.2 but now it's stunning on the ps3. it's like comparing a remastered version to the original, similar to the god of war collection

Baba19063050d ago

i dont think its strategy based.

Whitefox7893050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

It's an Action JRPG if it's anything like Till The End of Time heres what you can expect

You have control of one party member at a time the other two are controlled by AI that fight to your specifications; beatem-up, support, etc.

I think the difference in combat in this one is theres a new counter system that can do a lot of damage to your opponents.

wanderofys3050d ago

No. VC is a good strategy/action rpg, Star Ocean 4 is a mediocre action rpg with a dumb cast

gaffyh3050d ago

No nothing like VC. It is action RPG.

Tony P3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

I might pass. They only SO I've really liked was 2nd Story. I've never really liked how SO is futuristic yet usually finds a way to strand the protagonist on a backwater planet for 80% of the game. What's the point?

Is SO4 any different?


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