Top Five Playstation 3 Games of Autumn 2009

Associated Content: "Sony is having a tough year so far in 2009 with the slow sales of the Playstation 3. However, the video game company is planning to make up a lot of ground this holiday season. Along with a new price point and redesigned slim model, the Playstation 3 is also getting plenty of excellent games (most of which are exclusive to the system) this autumn."

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MetalGearRising3175d ago

Only decent game worth getting for my ps3 is Uncharted 2 the rest aren't even worth mentioning.

MW2 i'll get for my xbox360 its just better to play it on xbox live.

N4GAddict3175d ago

I dunno, Ratchet and NGS2 are pretty good to me.

Obama3175d ago

haha the only good game on the 360 is mulitplaform.

DonCorneo3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

that's why the ps3 is outselling the brokebox 354.2 since Gamescom.. the 1 million lead in europe is growing and there's the total domination in japan.. if america is not bankrupt right now, the ps3 might be selling more here.

Karlnag33175d ago

like anyone needed telling. This is pretty pointless tbh. Not pleased about seeing MW2 on there, I was expecting them all to be exclusive.