Torchlight - Hands-On at PAX (ZTGD)

Cat writes: With Blizzard's third installment in the works, saying it's another Diablo is not only a potentially scary categorization for Torchlight, it's a cursory stereotype of a game that possesses its own identity - albeit one infused with some of the most likable aspects of Diablo - and a fair bit more whimsy. Add in the fact that Diablo III is going for a different gameplay approach this time around, and Torchlight will hold draw for Diablo fans after a fun take on the familiar. There is a friendly accessibility in the cartoon wrappings, mesmerizing dungeons and endless, endless loot. As you navigate the puzzles, traps and demons in the ruins of destroyed civilizations gone before, you are rewarded with a compelling world where the same thing never repeats in quite the same way, a fitting metaphor for a development team that's built upon its own ruins to deliver Torchlight.

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NiteX3137d ago

This pretty much looks like Mythos with different characters. I enjoyed Mythos so this looks great. It will hold me over until Diablo 3 comes. I hope so anyway.