What If: Microsoft Hadn't Bought Bungie

While unpacking their Xbox 360s and it's associated games after a recent relocation, TheSixthAxis started to think: "Man Halo is pretty cool, but what if Microsoft didn't own it?"

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ShabzS3226d ago (Edited 3226d ago )

bungie if retained the halo ip would have published halo wars themselves as a multiplatform title and halo 2 would have been the launch game for 360 ... sounds logical actually

UnSelf3227d ago

Then Halo would have:

A sprint button
720p 60 fps
16v16 online
a 20+ hr campaign

Godmars2903227d ago

Actually, Halo proabbly would have been a Ring World MMO PC-only rip.

dangert123227d ago

Dominace like call of duty
yes not every one likes halo
but never every one likes cod
c wer im coming from