Sony Customer Service Battle: Disc Read Error - part 1

A rookie reviewer's PS3 gets the disc reading error... part 1 of his long battle with Sony Customer Service.

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Syronicus3082d ago

Be happy you're not subject to anything higher like say... 54%.

*hand author some cheese*

Strikepackage Bravo3082d ago

or 510% I don't think consumers should have to pay for known hardware defects or issues, Sony should extent the warranty for this the way MS did for the RROD and E74 issues.

randomwiz3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

BMW needs to extend their warranty and make it longer than 4 years/50k miles, just because Hyundai has a 10 year/100k mile warranty

darthv723082d ago

Strike & random...I see where you two are going with this. It is obvious you two know the rules of business and are just being funny. Just because one company does it DOESNT mean the other needs to do the same unless it benefits them to do so. Thus the case of why the 360 doesnt have wifi and the ps3 doesnt have a super extended warranty for specific issues.

While it would be nice if every company could adopt a flexible business model they just dont do that. For this guy, he has to deal with whatever sony has laid out as their restrictions and specifics for their warranty. If there is to be a change in the warranty it wont be us that makes that decision. It will be sony.

Granted the number of RROD issues by US prompted MS to take action so in that sense then it would be on us to "persuade" sony to take similar action. There would need to be a huge rise in cases for them to take notice however.

djfullshred3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Unless someone works for one of these companies, I can't possibly comprehend consumers arguing on the side of business against having longer warranty periods. Is there some kind of cult that people join when they buy these devices? I notice the disagrees on Strike's post, and am thinking WTF? Who would disagree unless they are a beancounter for Sony.

Please don't extend my warranty Sony. I wouldn't want that. I would so much rather give you guys more money. ;-)

Strikepackage Bravo3082d ago

and to the others above, I didn't say Sony should extend the warranty just because Microsoft did, I said they should extend the warranty because this is a KNOWN design flaw and ongoing issue that effects people just by using their systems as they were intended. This and the blue light issue are issues we saw ALOT at bestbuy, the failure rate for PS3 is at least 15 to 20 % by the way, no way its just 10%, even if I just counted the people I know with PS3s and not all the defective units I saw at Bestbuy, 3 of the 6 guys I know with PS3s have had issues that made their PS3s un-usable, and they had to send them in for repair.

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Wakka_3082d ago

I remember when refused to acknowledge the disc read error with the PS2. Sony sucks.

3082d ago
cmrbe3082d ago

and issue but no. So exactly what is the point of this article?.

chisox1003082d ago

sony's customer support is awesome just b1tch on the phone long enough and they will repair it free

Tony P3082d ago

So I assume a review of Sony's customer service is forthcoming since that's the real title...

I'd rather just read the review when the guy is done dealing with Sony. Not this boring preamble to real news. So far it's utterly unremarkable.

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