Fling! ZTGD Review

Cat writes: Fling! from developer CandyCane is a colorful and maddening puzzle game in which all furballs but one must be cleared from the board by rolling them into each other. The game opens with a breezy tutorial explaining the game principles and the simple touch and flick controls. Moves can be conducted by moving up, down, left or right and are governed by only two additional rules: you cannot move a furball into empty space (or it would roil itself off the board) and you cannot roll it into a directly adjacent furball.

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PS360WII3202d ago

" In all modes, even when repeating levels, it's important to note that the puzzles themselves do not repeat. Each puzzle is unique and generated based on difficulty."

I thought this was awesome and upsetting all at the same time when I found out. I lost a round played all the hints and said 'now I'll get it!' only to find out I didn't get that same puzzle again lol

Good score fun game :)

Cat3202d ago

Yeah, the first time I retried a level I had a weird moment of thinking I'd really lost it, that I couldn't remember a puzzle or had botched the previous one so badly it was unrecognizable!!

Really great puzzle game - I think it might be the hue of the furballs that doesn't suit me aesthetically - pretty fussy, I know.

PS360WII3202d ago

Well they are a bit creepy with just their eyes. They aint no Tribbles ;)