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New Gaming Console On Its Way

Startup company MechaWorks has been developing a new gaming console in stealth mode over the past two years. Code-named Full Circle, the console is being introduced at GDC to give developers a first look at the platform. (Industry)

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Chrisny85  +   1760d ago
who will fund this?
SactoGamer  +   1760d ago
Probably not Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. Maybe HP, Panasonic, or TI?
Chrisny85  +   1760d ago
i could see that.. sounds like a good idea. i would love to be able to rank up my cod account on 360 while at work on a computer
gambare  +   1759d ago
Whoever it is, it will be interesting
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Carl1412  +   1759d ago
It wil flop.
Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
Maybe Intel or AMD or Nvidia or another big hardware manufacturer.
Persistantthug  +   1759d ago
Maybe Google.....
Just a thought.
morganfell  +   1759d ago
Oh look, the Phantom Console has a little sister.
RAZORLAND  +   1759d ago
I ONLY see Apple making a full-out console that people would be into and that could compete with the Big Three. Some unknown company just seems shiesty.
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waltercross  +   1759d ago
I See Apple or Google funding this.
gaffyh  +   1759d ago
This is gonna fail, there is no room in the market for a console 3/4 years into the console war.
deadreckoning666  +   1759d ago
CaptainKratos  +   1759d ago
oh noes!!!!!...
teh ps3 is doomz
PROFIT  +   1759d ago


who will do it?

both countries are held in high regards in their home markets.

one can wish.
randomwiz  +   1759d ago
I could see apple entering the cloud computing gaming services.
ultimolu  +   1759d ago
CyberCam  +   1759d ago
Not for me!!!
I hate streaming & subscription base anything... it's a rip-off!!! However some suckers will bite, then a year later or two later be upset because it disappeared!
MetalGearRising  +   1759d ago
This will be bad for ps3 it will end up 4th in the console war.
nycredude  +   1759d ago
Do you know how stupid you sound or are you purposely trying to sound stupid because no one can be THAT stupid?!

Have fun playing your mulitplatform games cause that's all you'll have here on out. Unless of course you are one of the suckers who will buy into this new secret console.

Personally I could care less even if Ps3 is 15th because all I care about is games cause you know, ummm that is why I have my consoles. Why do you have your console for, surely not games when all you talk about is sales.
user3915800  +   1759d ago
Yeap you are correct
it will be hillarious to see it happened. Do you know how pissed the PS3 owners will be to see their failstation 3 in 4th placed? If not look at the individuals below me that have the PS3 rabbies.
General Jewels  +   1759d ago
Finally Replacement for The PS3!
Hooray! Now its all about Xbox 360 Wii And the new console. PS3 has failed along time ago. out of the competition.
tawak  +   1759d ago
most likely "Finally Replacement for The xbox360!"
this isnt a japs product so it wont replace any product made over japanese soil,and sounds like it will compete on west based product like 360
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El Botto  +   1759d ago
Next gen these are consoles that are participating: Nintendo Wii2, PS4, "Full circle"
MS will have left the console business by then.
Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
Well that's cool.

So it's a gaming PC minus the OS? Interesting.

Will it have to use OpenGL then, because I doubt it'll use Microsoft's DirectX.
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DeadlyFire  +   1759d ago
Could support Intel's new API. DirectX and Open GL will work with it or so they say anyway. So its possible DirectX could be implemented.
Sangria  +   1759d ago
The console market is saturated by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Even in the handheld market, it's pretty risky to start a console, unless you do something as much attractive and family-friendly as the DS.
But the concept of that new console intrigues me, so even if it risks to fail, i want to see what it can do.
djfullshred  +   1759d ago
a little late the party eh?
Roper316  +   1759d ago
maybe the party starts when they get here
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   1759d ago
The party starts when they say it starts!
waltercross  +   1759d ago
Never to late, Look how long it took MS to get to the party.
Halo_Reach  +   1759d ago
Bad News for Droids.
Now Sony is no longer needed...They are only doing number now...
randomwiz  +   1759d ago
To wish one competitor was gone in the console market makes you worse than a fanboy.
BULLETBOI  +   1759d ago
well this be like Dreamcast where it destroyes current consoles...
DelbertGrady  +   1759d ago
Gaming 2.0...Or Phantom 2.0? :p
mirroredderorrim  +   1759d ago
Wow. This SOUNDS big. I will be keeping my eye on this. I hope it's not something that will fade away after being shown.
Pizzagaki  +   1759d ago
So, will Sony and MS fans now join to fight off a new enemy.

Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
It's just a new ally for PC gaming.
Persistantthug  +   1759d ago
lol....PC gaming could use all the aly's it can get atm.....
Only thing though,
by design, it doesn't seem to be an aly of Microsoft
Obama  +   1759d ago
You must be the only pc fanboy on this site haha.
Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
Wow, you're pretty ignorant, aren't ya?
waltercross  +   1759d ago
No, I'm a PC Fanboy to actually, and proud of it.
Nothing like a true good computer.
IaMs12  +   1759d ago
Of course he is panada, just look at his name and profile picture, Nuff said.
Quadrix  +   1759d ago
Everyone's trying to steal a piece of the OnLive pie. I'll be testing out OnLive WAAAAAAAAY before I even consider this.
Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
This seems a lot different than OnLive.
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DeadlyFire  +   1759d ago
There is already OTOY, Playcast, and GaiKai. Whats wrong with throwing a FullCircle platform in there? :)
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1759d ago
Did any of you even read the article? because from I read this new console doesn't even seem to be a console but more of what Panda said a new ally for PC gaming.
striped94  +   1759d ago
Yeah its a console with PC specs, so to play these games on your PC, all you have to do it install the Full-circle software. It brings games to the PC library, but...only people with the console/software will be able to play the games on PC.
DelbertGrady  +   1759d ago
"For the first time, cutting-edge games will be able to be played across Mac and PC, as well as the Full Circle Console."

There is a console but you can choose to use the service on your Mac/PC as well. I think it sounds really interesting. I'm thinking cross platform gameplay.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1759d ago
Did any of you even read the dam article because none of you have commented on topic so far.

and judging by the 2 bots logic the 360 is also not needed any more but then again this has nothing to do with that. You people might want to re-read the article about 500 times before commenting because you seriously misunderstood the article.

It's basically what Panda said in the GamerZone a new ally for PC gaming.
Dead_Cell  +   1759d ago
Guess 360 is going to be demoted.
fourth least powerful this generation.
Lavalamp  +   1759d ago
I wonder which dev teams even have an interest in creating games for this console.
waltercross  +   1759d ago
Scary thought /Sarc
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1759d ago
Maybe a partnership with Apple ?????
Pandamobile  +   1759d ago
Please no. It would cost 50% more just because of the Apple logo.
SJL480  +   1759d ago
Why do they call it full circle? lol
kookro  +   1759d ago
because when you see it you will turn full circle and walk away...
darkness within  +   1759d ago
You did not think that through did you?
waltercross  +   1759d ago
ummmm, You do realize Full circle means 360 degrees not 180?
To me Full Circle sounds like I'm getting Dizzy or something.
kookro  +   1759d ago
that's the joke... people said it about the 360 on purpose and someone even made a gif of MJ walking towards a 360 turning 360 degrees and moonwalking away... so yes i do understand that a full circle will leave you facing the console again.
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1759d ago
Classic avatar
Etseix  +   1759d ago
only thing iknow is that, this console*
will not have a failure rate so BIG like the Failbox360
HypnoticMonkey  +   1759d ago
There is no room for another console, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have it covered. Anything more will just flop.
MELMAN26  +   1759d ago
If apple puts out a console I think that I will be the first one in line.
OtherWhiteMeat  +   1759d ago
and last.
etownone  +   1759d ago
@ otherwhitemeat
Tarmgar  +   1759d ago
LOL, omg 16.1. I was going to say something snooty like that, but, you won it.

But I'm going to put my 2 cents in and say that the only way another competitor can enter this choke hold of a console war, is if it were funded by a BIG NAME company like HP, Samsung or Panasonic. Any other company would not get praise or enough buzz.
Boty  +   1759d ago
Maybe a good thing for PC...
But it could also mean a world of bad for PC as well. I personally wouldn't enjoy such a "Virtual Console". I believe "cloud" anything is just stupid. I would rather have a physical console with some physical media such as DVD or Blu-Ray.

As far as it hurting Consoles, such as PS3, Wii, or Xbox, It will be highly unlikely.
Ripyealip  +   1759d ago
hmm well this seems trouble some and yet making me very exited for a new console to hit the market and show what makes it great. they should probly release it next gen when PS4EVER, MEGA WII, and the NukeBox 720 come out.if it came out now it would be fail, because it joined the party very very late
supremacy  +   1759d ago
anyone? lol seriously i think with 3 is enough, even sega knew this and stepped out when ms came in.

apple? samsung? or even Toshiba could do it, but i still don't see many support either way. lets just say its too crowded already.

if this does take place, than Sony would end up buying another studio you can bet your pennys on that.
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morkendo  +   1759d ago
would not be surprised if ps4 content abilities come close.
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Tsar4ever  +   1759d ago
Oh REALLY...............
So, another PC gaming console eh, 1st we had The "APExtreme" PCconsole, The "Phantom" streaming PCconsole, Now we have the upcoming "OnLive" and "Gaikai" streaming services. now this? I wonder
how they gonna convince people that THIS PLATFORM gonna work?
SactoGamer  +   1758d ago
Marketing, maybe?
_IFRIT_   1759d ago | Spam
Pillville  +   1759d ago
History, as written by the N4G think tank:

Nintendo (~1983): Atari and Intellivision have saturated the market, we'd be wasting our time.

Sony (~1994): Nintendo and Sega have saturated the market, we'd be wasting our time.

Microsoft (~1999): Nintendo, Sega and Sony have saturated the market, we'd be wasting our time.
guerojose  +   1759d ago
Why not instead recite the even longer list of supposed revolutionary consoles that were going to provide the "most powerful ever, easiest, most consistent", blah blah blah?

I'll bet a dollar this thing never happens, and if it does, it won't hit half of the bullet points thrown out in this obvious vaporware announcement. Somebody's fishing for funding, and this thing is obviously worded to try to reel in some money.
Pillville  +   1759d ago
I wasn't commenting on whether this "Full Circle Jerk" console will ever be made or succeed, as with any business, there are more failures than successes.
I'm pointing out that people in these comments are saying it's pointless for a new company to make a console because the market is already saturated and because "begun, the console wars have".
The console wars started in the 70s/80s, have never stopped. The reason for innovation and quality of the gaming industry is because of competition between console/game makers new and old.
ico92  +   1759d ago
sorry but to get my purchase it will have to have the most insane line up of 1st party games if not im not interested
Trevorthenerd  +   1759d ago
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