New Gaming Console On Its Way

Startup company MechaWorks has been developing a new gaming console in stealth mode over the past two years. Code-named Full Circle, the console is being introduced at GDC to give developers a first look at the platform.

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SactoGamer3080d ago

Probably not Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. Maybe HP, Panasonic, or TI?

Chrisny853080d ago

i could see that.. sounds like a good idea. i would love to be able to rank up my cod account on 360 while at work on a computer

gambare3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Whoever it is, it will be interesting

Pandamobile3080d ago

Maybe Intel or AMD or Nvidia or another big hardware manufacturer.

morganfell3080d ago

Oh look, the Phantom Console has a little sister.

RAZORLAND3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I ONLY see Apple making a full-out console that people would be into and that could compete with the Big Three. Some unknown company just seems shiesty.

waltercross3080d ago

I See Apple or Google funding this.

gaffyh3080d ago

This is gonna fail, there is no room in the market for a console 3/4 years into the console war.

PROFIT3080d ago



who will do it?

both countries are held in high regards in their home markets.

one can wish.

randomwiz3080d ago

I could see apple entering the cloud computing gaming services.

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CyberCam3080d ago

I hate streaming & subscription base anything... it's a rip-off!!! However some suckers will bite, then a year later or two later be upset because it disappeared!

MetalGearRising3080d ago

This will be bad for ps3 it will end up 4th in the console war.

nycredude3080d ago

Do you know how stupid you sound or are you purposely trying to sound stupid because no one can be THAT stupid?!

Have fun playing your mulitplatform games cause that's all you'll have here on out. Unless of course you are one of the suckers who will buy into this new secret console.

Personally I could care less even if Ps3 is 15th because all I care about is games cause you know, ummm that is why I have my consoles. Why do you have your console for, surely not games when all you talk about is sales.

user39158003080d ago

it will be hillarious to see it happened. Do you know how pissed the PS3 owners will be to see their failstation 3 in 4th placed? If not look at the individuals below me that have the PS3 rabbies.

General Jewels3079d ago

Hooray! Now its all about Xbox 360 Wii And the new console. PS3 has failed along time ago. out of the competition.

tawak3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

most likely "Finally Replacement for The xbox360!"
this isnt a japs product so it wont replace any product made over japanese soil,and sounds like it will compete on west based product like 360

El Botto3079d ago

MS will have left the console business by then.

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Pandamobile3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Well that's cool.

So it's a gaming PC minus the OS? Interesting.

Will it have to use OpenGL then, because I doubt it'll use Microsoft's DirectX.

DeadlyFire3079d ago

Could support Intel's new API. DirectX and Open GL will work with it or so they say anyway. So its possible DirectX could be implemented.

Sangria3080d ago

The console market is saturated by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Even in the handheld market, it's pretty risky to start a console, unless you do something as much attractive and family-friendly as the DS.
But the concept of that new console intrigues me, so even if it risks to fail, i want to see what it can do.