PSPgo Save State Feature Unveiled

The brand new "Save State" feature that is included in the new PSPgo has been unveiled.

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gaffyh3105d ago

I really would like this feature on the normal PSP, but I guess this probably requires extra RAM :(

SoapShoes3105d ago

PSP Go only has 64MB of ram like the 2000/3000s.

Carl14123105d ago

Hell to the PSP, this needs to be added to the PS3.

Ju3105d ago

This most likely dumps an "image" of RAM to the built in flash drive, so no new memory required.

Now, combine that with Skype in calls, and I'm all set.

TotalPS3Fanboy3105d ago

PS3 needs this feature. Hopefully, in Firmware 3.1

gaffyh3105d ago

@1.4 - This feature would be amazing on PS3, imagine if you were playing an epic JRPG battle but got tired, you could just save state and come back to it at any time. *drools*

sunil3105d ago

This sure would be a welcome addition to the PS3. If it can be done on the PSP, it should be easily replicable on the PS3 (i think)

Redempteur3105d ago

extra ram ??

saves states are in the psp 1000 since years ago ...

of course i'm talking custom firmware + plug-ins ..

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rbanke3105d ago

I still havn't found a clear answer on using a DS3/Sixaxis with the PSP Go. I wish one of these reviewers would clarify that. Another thing is the M2 slot, The wording used everytime it's talked about sounds as if its for storage only, I also would like to see a reviewer test playing a game from the M2 card.

Regardless those 2 things are not super big issues, I've pre-ordered my Go allready :)

BLuKhaos3105d ago

The DS3/Sixaxis connect via bluetooth just like they do with the PS3.It shouldn't be complicated.

rbanke3105d ago

I was more asking about if it works for games, if so the details. For some reason none of these hands-on/unboxing/etc reveiws that I've seen even talk about it.

timestoby3105d ago

i was thinkn maybe the would release a 3000 type without the umd,i like the slim and light 3000 feel,but thinner would be awesome.

to be able to save at any point in game sounds nice,but is that with new games only

Close_Second3105d ago

...the PSPGo is releasing with FW6.0 or does it feature a slightly different firmware given the clock/calendar and this new pause/save game feature are not available on current PSP models?

Ju3105d ago

Pretty sure its a slightly modified version. Bluetooth drivers are not existent on the 3000 (and older), nor are there two memory slots and Go got no UMD, etc. Either its one image and it flashes those modules or its a monolithic image which just runs the code it needs.

f7897903105d ago

That would change people's choice for choosing a multiplatform game.

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