Gamespot: GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Hands-On Impressions

Grand Theft Auto IV was one of the most critically and commercially successful games of 2008, and it continues to live on well into this year thanks to Rockstar's Episodes From Liberty City series of downloadable content. The first installment came this past February when they released The Lost and Damned, a grim story about an underground biker gang that introduced a new storyline and protagonist, as well as a new vehicles and weapons. In October, Rockstar will release the second entry in the Episodes series with The Ballad of Gay Tony. Like The Lost and Damned before it, The Ballad of Gay Tony will also add a significant amount of new content to go alongside a new collection of characters and missions. Rockstar recently guided Gamespot through a hands-on demo to see how the second DLC will differ from the first.

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