As the PS3 Rises, The PSP Continues to Try and Find Its Feet


"Since the announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim and the $100 price drop, Sony has been riding a wave of good news. Sales have been increasing for the platform worldwide, the marketing for the system appears to have hit its stride and interest for the system, as a whole, is better than it has ever been. Yet, with all the recent optimism for the PS3, not all is well within the PlayStation family. In particular, there is an interesting dichotomy between the two mainstays within the PlayStation brand: the PS3 and PSP. As the Sony's premier home console rises from years of glum outlook, the PSP, even with the forthcoming release of the PSP Go, is still facing a number of challenges."

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SoapShoes3049d ago

PSP is doing just fine, it even has 52 million sold so far. The only thing not fine is the piracy which has crippled it since nearly the start.

PROFIT3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

time for psp2.

i agree.

i hope sony is not waiting until ps4

SoapShoes3049d ago

I don't agree with that. PSP still has a lot of life in it so even if a PSP2 came out a year from now I wouldn't say it is worth ditching the PSP considering its bright present and future.

nycredude3049d ago

Wow lots of psp hate lately huh. Someone quickly type up a 3 sentence article and title it "Is the psp the new Ps3"?

Seems now that hating on the Ps3 would instantly discredit you and make you look like a fool, Sony haters are moving on to take down the psp. sigh...

DaTruth3049d ago

Having sold more than the XBOX and Gamecube combined, now the PSP is dead, just as it starts rising to the top of the Japanese sales charts.

I have to admit, I don't like playing PSP games on the PSP. Most genres don't translate well over to it and it is in serious need of a right analog stick. But PS1 games are perfect for it!

mastiffchild3049d ago

I LOVE my PSPs(don't think I'll bother getting the Go as I won't have the chance of imported games/old games on UMD for cheap and the BR functions I won't miss at that price and without those options above but that's just me!)and just don't know what people are on about when they call it out so often. When it launched Sony had no idea how it would do and I imagine that had the DS/DSi not sold amazingly(beyond all expectations and ny a long way even now)well they'd be incredibly stoked with the near 55Million they shipped to people-it's a vact inroad into prevuiously uncharted waters and waters where ONLY Ninty have ever fared that well.

Sure I'd like the PS3 connectivity to be upped and the PSP2 with dual sticks to come next year after the Ho's experiment with pure DD is over. However, there's great games for the handheld from, jrpgs to drivers to shooters as well as the cool curios like Locoroco and Patapon and CoO was one of the best portable games I've played ever-for me it's a success. It might have a way to go to challenge Nintendo but as a first beachhead it's hugely impressive and if they can slow the piracy they'll really fly with it. Damn me if it isn't a great time to have both the Japanese portables right now-and at a guess I'd think they both make huge profits.

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raztad3049d ago

"Too little too late" anyone?

Many articles BEFORE the slim/price cut were predicting the inevitable doom of the PS3, LOL. They were proven wrong.

Sony is pushing the PSP a lot, on octuber 1 the PSPgo will be launched. New games are coming, minis are coming.

Mature gamers need a successful mature portable platform. I'm sure pspgo/psp will do very well.

mrv3213049d ago

I think it's just Sony being Sony.

They let a console fall a bit wait for the articles saying PS3 doomed and then go...


Which in other words means a PS3 slim, price drop, M.A.G, R&C, GOD 1&2, GOD 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, GT5, FF 13, FF14.

Did everyone forget the first thing about Sony they suck at advertising don't expect to see 'x amount of psn users splattered accross every wall' Sony uses their games and consoles to sell their console not some live action trailer.