New Ballad Of Gay Tony Screenshot Gets Tanked

Rockstar Games has released a new screenshot for Grand Theft Auto: Ballad of Gay Tony and it doesn't show any dancing or sky-diving. It's a shot of a tank.

Note: Not one of the other screenshots released earlier today. This one was exclusively released through Rockstar's website.

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GameOn3203d ago

Looks like they are putting the fun back into GTA.

EvilCackle3203d ago

I'm curious to see whether they add flyable planes into the game or there's just skydiving. Putzing around with a jet in San Andreas was one of the highlights.

ape0073203d ago

with the brilliant physics,immersion and realism of gta 4,this will be a real treat for us

btw,I really love the police car in gta 4,it rocks,the game feels like a movie

karan86243203d ago

Not only for one mission. They should put in a cheat for it, a tank in liberty city would be wicked fun

EvilCackle3203d ago

Knowing Rockstar, they'll give you some way to access the tank more than once. Maybe Ballad of Gay Tony will have tanks show up at 5-star wanted level?

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Peter North3203d ago

Hmm it still looks overly compressed with a touch of RROD on the side

GiantEnemyCrab3203d ago

Overly Compressed? The picture or the game? I see no reference to RROD in this article at all.

EvilCackle3203d ago

A completely irrelevant RRoD reference in the Open Zone? Now I've seen everything!

EvilCackle3202d ago

I probably would've gone with "TANK" but meh, "SEXY" is a good word too.