OXM UK: Wet Review

OXM UK writes: "This game doesn't hold back. It lives on the edge and spits at the competition, offering a perfectly lipsticked snarl before backflipping into Prince of Persia's world and carving out a niche all of its own.

WET is essentially an urbanised Prince of Persia, interspersed with chaotic QTE car chases, stylish Killer 7 Blood Rage stages and an atmosphere stripped from Quentin Tarantino's better movies.

When she's not necking booze, Rubi has all of the Prince's platform abilities, including wall-running, pole swinging and backflipping.

Some levels are imbued with the same scale as Prince of Persia - when Rubi is clambering along a cliff face overhanging the English Channel or swinging in the rain over a giant golden dragon in Hong Kong, it's hard not to get that Princely feeling of momentum. And when she skydives from an exploding airplane, zipping between burning debris, even the Prince would chunder..."

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dgroundwater3105d ago

Most fair and balanced review IMO.