Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Preview from Strategy Informer

From Strategy Informer: "As far as Tony Prince's (that's Gay Tony in case you were wondering) financial problems are concerned however, ice hockey shares are just the tip of the iceberg and raising some extra cash to keep the creditors at bay is pretty much the name of the game. Tony's part of the old guard - the king (or should that be queen) of Liberty City who is rapidly on his way down, which is why Luis is tasked with running errands to help the floundering kingpin out regain his footing on the crime ladder. As his henchman and business partner, it's in Luis' best interests to help Tony get back onto his feet, although a serpentine plot full of double crosses, shady dealings and drama is of course a given, so your motives might shift during the course of the narrative."

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