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TPG writes: "Employing a mechanical clock look, Form is a fun puzzle game that tests your interpretation of physics by giving you tools to guide a rolling ball from one pipe to another. Your tools to do so contain a few different elements like ramps, gravity modifiers, and teleportation devices, and the game allows you to rotate and position them to set up a Rube Goldberg-type device. When you have your machine built, you can release the ball, and you get 3 tries to make your machine work."

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CrAppleton3051d ago

So this is like a sadisticly difficult version of the Incredible Machine. Great, just what I need, more frustration in my life.

wondroushippo3051d ago

Remember, gaming frustration is better than real frustration because games can be deleted or destroyed.

roblef3051d ago

God I hated that game. Made me pull my hair out.

wondroushippo3051d ago

I'm with the reviewer here - love the graphic style, that kind of art deco/steampunk look that Bioshock also had. Seems like an interesting game.

bgrundman3051d ago

That is a neat perspective for a first person shooter, but how can that show through in a game that is small enough to fit in your pocket?

Neco5123051d ago

This looks like an interesting game, but the whole trial and error concept to gameplay feels very dated.

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