iCasual: Extreme Hangman | The Portable Gamer

Today, on the latest iCasual podcast from TPG, Liz Wise covers Extreme Hangman from Sky Zone. New iCasuals are available every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on The Portable Gamer.

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bgrundman3224d ago

How exactly does one make hangman extreme?

wondroushippo3224d ago

Those stick figure dudes are fighting, is that not extreme enough for you sir?

Neco5123224d ago

fighting stick men? Okay, now you have my interest.

Neco5123224d ago

I used to love hangman, but is it really necessary to purchase an iPhone app to play it? Last time I checked, a sheet of paper and pencil were pretty easily accessible and free in most places.

CrAppleton3224d ago

yay for gaming on the cheap!

roblef3224d ago

Dude, that's true for many of these games. You can get a big book of sudoku for $3. But having it on your iPHone has a certain level of cache that a hastily drawn one doesn't.

Plus, it's X-TREEM!