Nvidia suffers two-percent yield on GT300

Yield is one key factor that affects hardware prices and availability, yet, many overlook it. Manufacturing high-tech silicon isn't perfect, and a lot of material is wasted on failures. Nvidia knows this all too well, with a recent report showing that the GT300 has a yield below two-percent.

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spandexxking3202d ago

ouch 2% i would like to see this "report"

Nihilism3202d ago

it's been reported for a long time that it was really bad, i believe both ati and nvidia are looking at swapping to another manufacturer (global foundries), or maybe ati has already

JsonHenry3202d ago

I did not read the whole article because of a time constraint, but I am wondering what the "typical" yeild % is for this sort of wafer.

FantasyStar3202d ago

2%!? That's not even funny. I hope Nvidia does something about this. Probably move out from Malaysia?

"How many worked out of the (4 x 104) 416 candidates? Try 7. Yes, Northwood was hopelessly optimistic - Nvidia got only 7 chips back. Let me repeat that, out of 416 tries, it got 7 'good' chips back from the fab. Oh how it must yearn for the low estimate of 20%, talk about botched execution. To save you from having to find a calculator, that is (7 / 416 = .01682), rounded up, 1.7% yield."

EpsilonTeam3202d ago

keep in mind that this rumor was started by screw boy Charlie. The same loser that started the bogus apple rumor. Charlie holds sept puts on nvda and is desperate to save his ***