What if the PS3's launch was a year later?

Destructoid speculate on what would have happened if Sony had waited a year to launch the PlayStation 3 and how it would have affected the consumer experience and sales of the system.

Here's a highlight of four advantages they point out:

1. Lower production costs of Blu-ray drives and smaller 65mm processor.
2. Larger quantity of games available.
3. Rumble could have been put into their controllers as standard.
4. Less competition as not launching close to the Wii.

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DrWan4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

As PS3 goes into 2008, price would still be lower, game selection would still be larger, competition from wii would still be there; the only thing it will be missing is the 3-5 million pre-install base...of 2007. Launch earlier has an advantage IMO. Not to mention 3rd party won't even release any crap on ur platform if your install base is not big enough. GTA DMC and other games (FFXIII MGS) would have been 360 exclusive if Sony launch 2008...

Whoever wrote this thinks they have insight, but they really just lack business foresight IMO.

Blasphemy4233d ago

You said it all man. A later launch would have hurt them more then it helped them. PS3 launching one year after 360 is hurting its sales now..because it doesn't have the games. Third parties are reluctant to release titles on the system because of the small installed base.

QuackPot4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

But with Blu-ray as a $200 upgrade only AND a settled case with Immersion years earlier.

* release date: Nov 2005 - no head start to the competition.

* Price: $350 - no price advantage to the competition.

* fully h/w backward compatible - can finally give my Ps2 to charity

* 6 axis rumble controller - can enjoy the full gaming experience

* Sony Linux already installed - have a PC in my living room

* Keyboard, mouse, headset included - the complete system.

Now if that happened, Sony would be the clear leader right now. Too many mistakes. But they're still going to win this war so I'm not worried. Bring on 2008 - especially LittleBigPlanet.

TheExecutive4233d ago

The market demanded 2006. However, it does seem that the PS3 would have been fully loaded for a 2007 release; but, the hardware specs would have remained the same. So, what did they gain from a launch a in 2006? As the gentleman above me noted, the install base, which in turn would have effected the developers opinion of what to make and what not to make.

nix4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

if it came out around 2008, 360 would have got more user base and HD-DVD would have taken a huge lead (or would have become standard by 2008)... that would have been a disaster for PS3 and Sony. so now that the PS3 is out... games will start rolling.

anyway, i think PS3's intro last year was good for Blu-ray. it did miracles for the Blu-ray camp.

warfed4233d ago

could you explain why it would be bad for the PS3 if blu ray failed? I didn't buy the ps3 to watch movies... i bought it play games that are on blu ray...

nix4233d ago

you're right about failure of Blu-ray has little impact on PS3 but it's a known fact that PS3 is the trojan horse for Blu-ray. sony knowingly came out with Blu-ray drive because they wanted to win this format war... now look at how things have turned, Blu-ray camp can now say - we've got more than 3 million Blu-ray players out there.

as for what you bought the PS3 for goes... maybe you bought it to play games but some bought it just because it's the cheapest Blu-ray player out there in the market.

Neutral Gamer4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

I agree with the general consensus presented so far by the above commenters. Sony may have appealed more to the media and general public if they had released a console at a lower price with an increased quantity and range of games, but it would have been a disaster from their loyal hardcore gamer base.

Adding one year may have been enough to persuade a significant number of them to just go ahead and buy the 360 or even a Wii. All console makers need the hardcore gamers and early adopters as they're the ones who'll buy consoles at more or less any price just so they can be first. When the PS3 price does drop and there's a greater selection of games it'll be interesting to see whether more casual gamers will enter the market like they did for the PS2 after its price drop.

If developers and publishers saw that the PS3 was being delayed further they'd have to make a financial decision and create for the 360 and no doubt yet more exclusives would have gone multi-platform. Some people may think that things haven't gone too well for the PS3 so far and only time will tell whether Sony'll be able to pick up the ball, but imagine how worse it would have been if it'd been delayed further still ...

Contra264233d ago

they just re-due the system design....
and deliver it when it's ready to fulfill its promises..

trust me...

PS3 owners will be pleased

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