250GB Xbox 360 Console Tops Movers and Shakers List writes:

"The just announced Xbox 360 250GB Limited Edition Modern Warfare 2 Console Bundle is available for $399.99 at!

The 250GB Xbox 360 LE Modern Warfare 2 Console bundle has only been available for a few hours now, but has rocketed to the top of the Amazon Movers & Shakers List."

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Mr_Bun3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

I'm surprised....I know this is amazon and I know this isn't #1 Bestseller, but I am still surprised to see this getting any positive reaction

tatotiburon3228d ago

surprise? a xbox 360 with a new HDD and include 2010's GOTY Modern Warfare 2

iceatcs3228d ago

Not really if you look more careful on 250GB 360 in the Amazon Movers & Shakers List showing no previously ranked, so if it was at the bottom of the bestseller chart still get 100% mover.

Christopher3228d ago

The sad thing is the cheap arse nightvision goggle edition is selling better than the MW2 core game. I'm into CE versions, but nightvision goggles made by a toy company? Maybe I'm weird?

N4G king3228d ago

Movers and Shakers List


3228d ago
Christopher3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Dumbest thing you could have said considering the PS3 Slim is still ranked higher for top sellers...

Really people, it's simple math that when something goes from nothing to something, it's going to have an explosion in its percentage of growth. Same thing with the PS3, same thing with the PSPGo, same thing with CE of games. It's what happens every day over at, no one console system is more special than another, they all end up being big movers and shakers at first because they all go from nothing to something.

@deadreckoning666 (above): Your "M$ strikes back" comment is still the dumbest thing you could have said considering the situation. As far as 'where are the PS3 fanboys', who cares?

FragMnTagM3228d ago

So if the PS3 slim was released with a 250gb hard drive plus MW2 for 399, that would 'surprise' you too?

Doctor_Doom3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

5. PlayStation 3 120 GB

13. Xbox 360 Elite Console 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition

Not bad at all

MNicholas3228d ago

$400? Microsoft has a very low opinion of consumer intelligence and they are right! Add wireless and 3 years of live and you're looking at $650!


JokesOnYou3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Amazon means very little in the whole scheme of things, only thing you can really take from Amazon best seller and movers chart is that public interest has increased in general, how much will it mean for total sales is anybody's guess...but many times 360 outsold ps3 while being well below the ps3 on Amazon, in other words the vast majority probably 85-90% of hardware/software sales come from folks who walk into Gamestop, Walmart, Best Buy and tons of othe brick and mortar stores...its only natural once most folks have made up their mind to purchase something why wait for delivery, when you can just go down the street and pick it up...thats why the internet sites are almost forced to have more sales/better deals/promotions.


Mike134nl3228d ago

399 $ and and selling better than other xbox 360 packages (to be fear it has one 60$ game included.)

Ju3228d ago

Lets do an "analytical analysis". Hm. Ok, yesterday, 0%. Today n%. 100/0*n = hey! Its astronomical high! Not bad, not bad at all (I guess Amazon couldn't handle infinite growth, that's why they don't even show the percentage increase since yesterday in that specific chart). LOL.

StanLee3228d ago

Who is really surprised by this? It's Call of Duty. One of the biggest properties in gaming next to Halo, GTA and Mario. It's like when everyone on N4G complained they wouldn't buy World at War and it sold 10 million copies. When will you guys learn that those persons ranting and criticizing on the internet are the minority. A very small minority.

ABizzel13228d ago

Honestly it should do good it's the best Xbox 360 on the market pound for pound.

The Elite is $299, and for $100 more you get an extra 130GB's of HDD space, possibly one of the best games this year (a $60 value on it's own), an extra controller ($40 - $50 value), and a limited edition 360.

Seeing how the If you buy an Elite another controller, plus Modern Warfare 2 then you're already over your total.

Tinted Eyes3228d ago

Call me when it actually tops the charts.

likedamaster3228d ago

I'm not surprised, it is a good deal. You get a 250gb custom Elite, 2 controllers, and MW2 for $399. Not bad, not bad at all.

evrfighter3228d ago

"Movers and Shakers List


Yup the same movers and shakers list the slim started at. Where there was about a 200 fanboy circle jerk fest.

IdleLeeSiuLung3228d ago

It is ranked 9 now on sales at These numbers will NOT be reflected on September's NPD since it is a pre-sale not shipment, but WOW!

really duh3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Sure you are, nice damage control knee-jerk reaction. Pretending to be surprised so you could use that as an excuse to defend PS3 lol

vhero3227d ago

This list again?? hahahaha I love how 360 fans keep posting this like its important. When your actualy up top like ps3 THEN its important. The facts its selling more than a week when it DIDNT EXIST isn't exactly spectacular (im obviously talking about the bundle not the console).

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Omega43228d ago

LOL this is actually selling better than the game itself and it still got 2 months till release

locos853228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

OMG it's so exciting. LOL Best day of my life OMG..... /Sarcasm

-x.Red.x-3228d ago

360 with price cut was also in movers and shakers. Awwww look at it now..

MGOelite3228d ago

u do realise that ps3 is still ahead in the top sales chart...

OmarJA3228d ago

HAHAHAHAHA! talking about desperation for good 360 news...

Mr_Bun3228d ago

Don't you need a credit card to purchase from amazon? How are all these teenagers buying them?

Jason, we all know your parents bought you yours, but I can't imagine this many adults 'burning' 400$ for this system

user39158003228d ago

PS3 10,000,000,000,000% crap and continues to decline after been out for 2 weeks, shamefull.

360 combo out day 1 already at 10 place.

Hallo-lujah in 1st place still after been there for 110 days. What? But-but-but-but-but- the slim shady its supposed to take over the world.

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dustgavin3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

Sony PS3-- 5th place

360 desperation bundle--- 13th place

Regular 360---- 35th place

Yea. The 360 still cannot top the PS3 at Amazon.

PS3 Eternal 3rd3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

PS3 Slim was desperation and cant do a thing. Sonys hail mary that they are relying on for the next 3+ years. Its already dropping, just like it did in Japan, and its only 2 weeks old.

And in 2010, 360 is going to smash the PS3rd. We all know a 360 Slim is coming. Imagine 2010 E3. hehehe

PS3 Eternal 3rd ftw

dustgavin3228d ago

You want to mention Japan??

PS3--Still over 55,000 consoles sold in a week

360--Maybe 5,000

Seems 360 is in competition with PS2 over in Japan.

Pizzagaki3228d ago

Lets see what my watch is saying.

*listens to watch*

My watch said Japan is not the defining factor in global domination.
My watch is always right.

-x.Red.x-3228d ago

360 slim? MS once again copying sh1t, why can't they make something new and unique?
But but bu natal1!, 2006 eyetoy says hi.

Pizzagaki3228d ago

It wont be a slim, it will be a redesign with Natal build in.

And the eyetoy is inferior crap.
If natal was like the eyetoy is would not have cared for natal.

dustgavin3228d ago

"My watch said Japan is not the defining factor in global domination.
My watch is always right."

Let's play a simple math game:
55,000 - 5,000= 50,000

Add those 50,000 consoles each week to the diminishing lead of the 360 and you have a bad situation for Microsoft.

Keep in mind this is before the release of Final Fantasy(which is exclusive in Japan).

The Master Chief3228d ago

Yea in only week 2 when sales are *supposed* to still be peaked, and still dropped drastically from the first week. PS3 isn't leaving 3rd place.

360_Rules3228d ago

You [email protected] droids it's number 7 spot only two below the PS3 slim. Hahahhahahahaha OWNED! Hahhahahahahhaahahha!

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ajay_solidsnake3228d ago

That's why this list sucks ass