Cnet Hands-on: PS3 Slim as a Blu-ray player

Cnet: With its new $300 price tag, the PS3 Slim has been selling like crazy, and the fact that it's an excellent Blu-ray player is at least part of the reason.

Since Blu-ray's inception, the PS3 has been our reference Blu-ray player, only recently getting edged out of the top spot by the Oppo BDP-83. Now that the new 3.00 firmware has been released, we've had some time to put the PS3 Slim through our Blu-ray testing suite.

The bottom line:

With all of the functionality it offers, the PS3 Slim is the best value in home video today, and it more than holds its own as a Blu-ray player. If you can ignore its minor shortcomings and don't need the standard "disc player" form factor, it's easily the best-for-your-buck Blu-ray player for the majority of tech-savvy buyers.

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nix3172d ago

it only does EVERYTHING! q:

Nineball21123172d ago

from Cnet. I was surprised. :-)

nix3172d ago

remember, they are talking about it as a Blu-ray player.. let's wait until they review it as a game console.

LiquifiedArt3172d ago

They must of reviewed the PS3 about 5 times.

p3rf3ctgam3r3172d ago

I lost a lot of respect for CNET -- they were one of my go to sources over the years for consumber electronics information. Maybe they are turning over a new leaf.

PS3 is a great blu-ray player.

Handsome_Devil3172d ago

most likely trying to find flows