Gamervision: Darksiders Hands-on PAX 09

Gamervision writes:
"Oops. Apparently the end of the world was a false alarm. Sorry, Earth. See, someone tipped off War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse, that it was time to get smiting. Being the deligent horseman he is, War grabbed his sword, jumped on Ruin, did his job, and did it well; raining fire and brimstone over the world. The problem is, well, it wasn't time yet, and some people are a bit upset that the lush, beautiful Earth is now a wasteland of demons and hellfire. In an attempt to clear his name and find out who's to blame for the miscommunication, War has been stripped of his powers and dumped onto the Earth, hoping to find out exactly what went wrong. Such is the setting for Darksiders, THQ's third-person adventure game due out in January of next year."

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