Wired - Microsoft Zune HD: First Look

Wired: Ah, the Zune. Born back in 2006 as Microsoft's attempt to compete with the mighty iPod, it's languished, largely unloved by the marketplace. Each fall since then has seen the launch of a new version of the hardware, and each has seen it quietly fade into obscurity.

But here comes the Zune HD, and this sliver of silver and black just might be the Zune that you've been waiting for (you have been waiting, right?). It's a lovely industrial design, has a beautiful OLED screen, packs in HD radio and HD video out, and syncs to software that outshines iTunes in many ways. There's a lot to love about the Zune HD - clearly the first music player that can match the wow factor of an iPod touch. And at $289 for the 32GB version, Microsoft is clearly hoping to lure iPod buyers by charging $10 less. But there are still drawbacks that any prospective buyer should keep in mind.

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