Don't prioritise business goals at the expense of the customer, warns Tascan

Focusing on business goals at the expense of customer respect will see developers and publishers lose out in the long term, EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan has told

And while EA Sports boss Peter Moore has recently expressed a desire to achieve consistently high scores on sites such as Metacritic, Tascan thinks these goals should be used as a "focus" rather than a "pressure".

Respecting the customer is the most important thing, he said. "[We're] not trying to push something down their throat – 'just buy this game', and putting a lot of marketing behind it.

"If you look across EA we're really drastically improving our quality," he added. "For Army of Two is it a real focus? Definitely, but I think Metacritic is not the only thing - it's a combination of a high quality game, but also a proposition that people are interested in.

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rbanke3143d ago

Sounds like he is in a round about way.

sunil3143d ago

When EA calls out Activision... you know something is definitely wrong with Kotich


I was about to say the same.

Good for EA i say, there was a time if anyone had mentioned EA to me it would be an instant NO! Not interested... and i was adamant i would not buy of their trash.

Most import thing though, while i had no interest in them as a company or their products in general, I am always believe in keeping an open mind to these things and believe that people/ companies can change for the better.

I don't know what happened round the board table at EA, but it seems all the negativeness of gamers towards their games had an effect on them and they changed things for the better. The end result, well EA only dropped my favorite and personal game of the year in 2008; Dead Space.

You can respect your customers, and still make money. you can listen to them and change things for the better.

The next game i am getting from EA is shift. It's the first need for speed game i have owned which again is saying alot.

Activision could learn a lot from them, which is kind of sad when you think about how things were just a few years ago.

Nineball21123143d ago


Yeah, I recall a year or two back that EA was hated by the gaming community. It was bad...

It does seem that EA has turned things around, and I completely agree with you Dark Witnes about Dead Space.

I loved that game... They atmosphere, the game mechanics, the story line... it was just an all around fantastic game.

Tascan is giving really good advice here... but I doubt Kotick will listen.

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Persistantthug3143d ago

When fat people start calling you fat.

BattleAxe3143d ago

I like the tune EA is singing these days. Looking forward to seeing what the next Medal of Honor is like and BattleField: Bad Company 2 is a day one purchase for me.

Kattleox3143d ago

This is true, really. EA used to be viewed as a really money hungry company with all kinds of annoying in game advertising and whatnot, but since Burnout Paradise and Rock Band they seem to be calming down a bit and focusing a bit more on what they are: a company that sells entertainment, which is something thats hard to do when you call your customers idiots (I'm looking at you Kotick)

Persistantthug3143d ago

If you don't believe me...
Take a look at Madden 10 DLC....utterly disgusted me what I saw.


EA as a whole got a lot better, giving devs more freedom and less publisher crap. EA Sports didn't make this shift, they are still the cash cow.

Nothing EA centric, happens to Konami, 2K and Sony too, sports ARE cash cows. Do you really need a yearly updated version?

Usually if you take sport games within 2 or 3 years each other, still there isn't enough innovation to make a sequel worth in any other genre, but in sports you have nut people that will buy regardless (which is funny and puzzling to me, should be the other way around, Tiger Woods 2009 don't hold any relevance or relation to what happened in TW 2008)...

I mean, not worth sequel if you don't care for where Cristiano Ronaldo is showing off his new haircut this year, if Ronaldo gained weight again and need to be slowed down, if their magnific engine now will render a nail-less version of Maradona that you'll only see at random side off or other bullcrap that would be DLC worthy at best.

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