PSU Updates Lair Preview...New Information

New information from research and PSU's interview with Julian Eggebrecht with a new preview update. If you are looking for up-to-date info on the title this is the place to go.

Also there is a full gallery of images if you are looking for new and old screenshots.

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lil bush4205d ago

lair is gonna be one of the best games of this year, and it has everything going for it........

simply can not wait for this game........

TheExecutive4205d ago

im not sure there is anything new in this article, but it is a good read for those who don't know much about it. I have a feeling this game is going to be very, very impressive.

BitbyDeath4205d ago

There were some bits on the story i didn't know about, but not sure if i just didn't pick up on it earlier or if it is actually new.

I wonder how long it'll take to fly from one corner of the map to the other. Anyone know how big Oblivion is in comparison?

NoUseMerc4205d ago

Well its basically new information thats been gathered over the past few months from new videos, GDC, and hands on with the game along with PSU's interview they had with Julian.

So there might not be new info if you have been up-to-date on Lair. For everyone else, its a great read and should get your excited for the game!

TheExecutive4205d ago

Bitby, that would be interesting to see how it does compare to Oblivion. I'm sure someone with a lot of time on their hands will do that when it comes out.

NoUseMerc- I agree this is a good overview of what this game is actually about

sonarus4205d ago

I am not gonna lie. Been a lil skeptical about lair but the trailers have been awesome. Gamplay movies awesome. But if it gets anythin less than a 9. rating on ign am going to be dissapointed. I'll still buy the game though not like i have that many games to play anyway. Hopefully this will be the game to stick it to gears. If not there always the real gow III (god of war)

TheExecutive4205d ago

well even if it gets below a 9 on IGN I will still buy it (believe it or not those guys dont know everything). I also dont think that it needs to beat gears graphically. In fact, if it comes even close it already beats gears. gears is a FPS, so if an open world (32kmx32km) looks even close to gears I think it is more impressive. I was skeptical about the game at first too, but the more I learn about this game the more excited I am for it.

sonarus4205d ago

yea ign dnt know everything but i do wonder how fun can it be riding dragons and burning ppl. i am still skeptical about it but in the end my curiosity will get the best of me.

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The story is too old to be commented.