PSP Go-ne too far? writes :-

Has Sony dropped yet another blunder on its latest hand-held?I love my PSP, I just had to state that upfront. I am the only member of the editorial team that has one and all your PSP based reviews come from me I just had to make sure you realised I was not a PSP/Sony hater before we started.

Now I was an early adopter of the PSP, picking up the now entitled PSP Fat about 2 months after it hit the UK. Admittedly it cost me a large chunk of cash and the game library was shaky but man it looked gorgeous and the graphics and sound were astounding for a hand held device. that was 2005.

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Chris3993197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

Jesus people, if you don't want a fully-digital, size-reduced, portable console with a couple neat high-tech bells and whistles stick with a PSP 3000.


If it's "too expensive" see the above notation. If you want physical media, AGAIN refer to the preceeding.

BRG90003197d ago

Realistically the PSP Go is going to be the only option soon though, probably after the holidays. The companies always want to push the newest thing. Just like you don't see the old brick DS and you won't be seeing PS3Fat anymore.

Christopher3197d ago

Actually, realistically the PSPGo will only become the only option if sales of the regular PSP and UMDs fall way below that of the PSPGo and digital game sales.

Not likely to happen any time soon.

Chrisny853197d ago

good article many valid points. i would have been all over the PSPgo if it had a second joystick.. hand held shooters with that kind of movement would be awesome. (regardless if it cost 199 or 250)

ReBurn3197d ago

@cgoodno - I wouldn't be so sure of that if I were you. The PSP Go was created for several reasons that weren't explicitly stated. Look at the problems the PSP has faced. Rampant piracy through custom firmware that is loaded via hacked batteries. Notice that you can't change your PSP Go battery. Ripped UMD software that can be downloaded online and played via memory stick. Notice no memory stick port in the PSP. Relatively high priced new releases on UMD, so many people pick up games in the second hand market. Well, that option is not available for PSP Go owners.

The PSP Go is not only a new revision of the hardware, it is also a market test to see if fully digital distribution is a viable business model. If Sony has a chance to cut off the piracy and used game sales that has plagued the PSP for years they're going to do it, regardless of how the PSP-3000 is selling.

BLuKhaos3196d ago

It does have a memory stick port, M2.

shadow27973196d ago


Yeah, because they're going to alienate 50 million customers. If digital-only is ever going to be the only option, it will be with the PSP2 or later. Sony's not getting rid of physical media during this generation, despite piracy.

Though, I assume, the PSP2 will still have physical media, they'll just put more thought into "piracy proofing" it. I know it's shocking, but there are a lot of people who don't have access to internet around the world. There's also the large market of people who like tangible media. Physical media and digital distribution will probably go hand-in-hand for the next several iterations of the PSP.

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SoapShoes3197d ago

The PSP Go is just an option. You pay for size in this world, why do you think laptops cost more than a desktop?

Also the fact that the PSP Go can go online ANYWHERE via 3G by connecting to a cell phone makes it the ultimate portable system.

ReBurn3197d ago

You can get a laptop for about the cost of a desktop, depending on what you buy. They aren't more expensive simply because of their size. Having all of the components integrated on one piece of silicon is what makes them more expensive. Desktops use standard motherboards that accept dozens of different types of components. Laptops are closed systems with rigid compatibility requirements.

timestoby3197d ago

id get a pspgo in the future when they are really cheap like the 3000s are now,least in uk lol. but with the price i can buy another ps3? with ps3s upcoming titles id go for the ps3 lol.

OmarJA3197d ago

Agree, Halo Reach will be a flop indeed.

Ryuk3197d ago

Agree, psp go and gran turismo are epic fails

OmarJA3197d ago

HAHAHAHAHA! down to two bubbles...

NegativeCreep4273196d ago

Ryuk you take the gold. While Halo_Reach takes the silver.

user39158003196d ago

Flops so far this year from sony:
Blu ray
PSP blows
Television sets
Sony stocks
PS3 owners

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KilZoneGeneralStrife3197d ago

seems like anyone that wants to b1tch and whine uses N4G to do it

moosehound3197d ago

Did you READ the story mate? I was not at any time b1tching I was just making a statement of FACT - the PSP Go is expensive. As a core gamer you are more likely to go for the PSP 3000 and if you want gaming and apps on the go an Apple solution is cheaper and more suited - please acually read the thing before passing one snetance judgements.

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