Video Games - Beneath The Numbers...

Edward Hunter @ Gamasutra: "I predicted that the erosion and perhaps the death of retail sales of video games would happen, in fact if you caught my GDC lecture in San Francisco early this year you may have even been one of the scoffers who approached me afterwards to rebuke my bold, nay, swaggering remarks.

I made the suggestion that the first to fall off of retail would be PC games, followed by console, followed by hardware & accessories.

It only makes sense based on several key factors, the least of which is not the economy. Digital downloads, free to play in its various incarnations, low cost (e.g. iPhone) and subscription based games are all less than 5 years old, but the impact on retail sales isn't going to just magically appear with a sticker that reads: 'Hi, my name is: Death of Retail'."

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