Here's a preview of the upcoming PS3 game "LAIR"

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techie4230d ago

lol those were some of the very first screeshots released

techie4230d ago

Disagree? They were my dear disagreeer...go search IGN and go see that these screenshots are from a very old build

lil bush4230d ago

i cant explain it i just cant wait for this game....

got it reserved cant wait for late july, early august, simply an not wait....

Close_Second4230d ago

Appears a Game called Lair is being released on the PS3 and will use the motion controller. Oh yes, and it looks like it will feature some great graphics.

Who approved this rubbish - its hardly a preview.

techie4230d ago

Give the dude a break. I approved it and it is news worthy. It is a recent, concise preview that may inform someone of the game. Short and sweet is how some may refer to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.