PSPgo not selling in stores in Spain and in other european countries?

Several rumors -and internal sources- are saying that some major stores in Spain, like Media Markt, are not going to sell PSPgo. The same with other european countries like France.

The reasons: the low margin for the store and the fact that all the games will be sold online after the purchase of the PSPgo.


Sony Spain says that there is no problem with the PSP go distribution.

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kerrak2954d ago

because games will be downloadable?
Sure! this is why they're selling itouch, cameras and hair dryers!!! lol

GameOn2954d ago

Maybe they make more money on those products.

Baka-akaB2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

i've seen retailers make up pretty much the price they want on ipod/phones (here in my region ? the 3GS can cost 999 euros) .

And the Iphone/pod never had physical supports to begin with , like the other mobile phones .

Here they are loosing sales on used and new psp umds . Wich is the usual stubborness you found in music store about mp3 ditributions , or currently comics shops with digital comics .

I'm not condoning them btw , just saying ...
I dont like retailers usually and champions wholeheartly digital distribution ..

va_bank2954d ago

In case of PSP they have an option of selling the one WITH disk drive - therefore giving themselves a chance to sell games. You know that anyone who buys the PSP Go, will NOT walk out of the store with any games.

If Sony discontinued the UMD models, it would be a different story. I don't know if I agree with the retailer's approach, but I can see why they are concerned.

Baka-akaB2954d ago

Let's be frank , sony continued the 3000 to not piss off older psp supporters and mostly to not further gives retailers an axe to grind .

It's obvious that if the Go becomes a massive success , the 300 will gradually dissapear , leaving those retailers in the dust with their umds .

Many phat and slim owners are already not buying umd , and sony is creating a whole "generation" of psp users who dont need it ? Yeah sttuborn retailers will fight it , instead of searching solutions to evolve .

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Chris3992954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

And it's not as if they're discontinuing the PSP 3000 or UMDs. If someone is purchasing a PSP Go, any half-intelligent retailer would push a PSN card at the point of sale. You know, so that they can actually PLAY something on their Go.

The FUD being thrown at this machine is off the charts. I'm getting one, purely for the convenience of not having to swap media and the diminished form factor. I don't mind physical media for a home console, but for a portable, where you're on the go, a case rattling with UMDs/ DS carts is only cool when you're in your tweens - not as a 30 something professional.

I want something slick, convenient and portable. The PSP Go is directly marketed at people like me.

SpoonyRedMage2954d ago

The cards for the downloadable services don't get the retailers much profit apparently so it's not that great. Plus they can't resell the game and make even more money.

butterfinger2954d ago

find it odd that so many retailers are griping about the PSPGO when they are more than happy to sell iPods/iPhones. The only reason I can see for them to be upset is that they won't be able to rip us off on the used-game market any longer. You'll have to pay a premium for DD games on the Go and you won't be able to get money back for them, but at least you don't have to pad the wallets of companies like GameStop that have been ripping off us gamers for years. My dissatisfaction with GameStop alone is almost enough to make me go out and buy the system.

va_bank2954d ago

I'm in the same situation as you, but I'm very concerned about digital distribution because it will make buying used games and selling the ones you don't want a thing of the past. This will cost us (the consumers) a lot more in the end.

I always took comfort in the fact that if I was unsure about a game I would buy it used on eBay and then if it turned out to be crap as I suspected, I'd sell it back on eBay for a loss of only $3-4. That's a huge difference from being stuck with a $40 download that you can't sell or trade.

Chris3992954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

PSN cards are no different. Many large chain retailers - Best Buy, Walmart - don't have used game programs, but they certainly invest in a rather extensive hardware/ software section.

And as far as purchasing a game that turns out to be crap and being stuck with it, well, that happens a lot anyhow. Christ, half of the DS titles I've picked up are utter trash (and the other 1/2 quite brilliant). It's like expecting Apple to give you a refund on a crappy song or film that you purchased off of Itunes. Gaming is an expensive hobby, people should realize that by now. On the plus side, many of the top tier PSP games are getting demos before their release, so this should offset any potential buyer's remorse.

If people are looking for a "budget" system and games, they are free to buy a PSP 3000 and some used titles. The option is still there. As a retailer, limiting your consumer's choices will just make them shop elsewhere.

Again, the PSP Go is a premium product for technophiles and people with cash to burn, it has nothing to do with the used or resale market.

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Omega42954d ago

Sony jumped on the DD only bandwagon too fast they should have waited till everyone was doing it at least then the retailers wouldnt have much choice.

Looks like Sony could be in for a pretty bad launch.

butterfinger2954d ago

isn't expecting amazing numbers at launch, but I guess you haven't paid attention to ANYTHING they've said about the handheld. The funny thing is, if Sony waited for everyone else, you would've been the first one in here b!tching about them being behind the curve.

nycredude2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Typical MS fan talking Omega4. Sony once again is doing what they do, pave the road so that other companies can follow. it's what they are about, innovation not stagnation and in some cases regression.

What ever happened to DD will kill bluray? Now that it is clear that Sony is leading in the DD front the tune is they are doing it too fast? It there is one thing that is a constant in this console war it is double talk and back tracking.

zoks3102954d ago

This wont stop the unit from selling, retailers that wont sell the go will regret it later when they miss whatever markup they would have made on the unit. Also other stores will sell the unit which will be better for them, competition wise.
Next gen a lot of small stores like these will be shutting down because they fail to realize that digital distribution will soon take over.

v1c1ous2954d ago

$5 per pspGO is going to a killer markup to miss....

nycredude2954d ago


Do you know what a low markup for a product mean? That the price set for a certain product is very close to the cost of making the product, which means that Sony is more than likely barely making money on every psp sold, and yet ignorant consumers cry and cry about the price, just like when the ps3 dropped.

Conversely how much do you think is the markup for that overprice POS bulky wireless adapter that is available for the xbox? That my friend is a ripp off.

v1c1ous2954d ago

i know the wireless adapter is a f'ing rip-off. but it brings hella big profits to MS/stores.

unfortunately at this time, we don't know the actual profit made on each pspGO to the store.

game consoles usually only bring $5-$7 profit to game stores with the idea that the person buying the console will buy software over time.

if some stores are refusing to stock pspGO, it's because the lack of UMD drive means they wont get any profit from selling UMDs. but we have to take into account pspGO is more like a psp 1.5 or as mentioned, an iphone/ipod situation. but unlike the ipod/iphone situation, i doubt store owners are looking at the pspGO as a multi-media function handheld device, and more as a gaming system.

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