Reflection From Konami, This Autumn On DSiWare

Shaun McIlroy of OneLastContinue writes:

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced its first DSiWare download title, in the form of Reflection – a platform game with puzzle elements designed exclusively for the new Nintendo handheld. Sounds intriguing.

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SpoonyRedMage3110d ago

More DSiware love! I knew about this game for a while, bit similar to Mighty Flip Champs and Chrono's Twin but yay! anyway!

shaunmcilroy3110d ago

yeah but for some reason, even though people have played this, Konami felt the need TODAY to announce it.

Sigh....left hand/right hand

SpoonyRedMage3110d ago

There's been a lot of DSiware announcements today. Nintendo was talking about their upcoming downloadabel titles in London today I think.

Lots of good titles to look forward to though.:D