Microsoft expecting huge profits from Halo 3

It's been said before, and it's being said again: Microsoft is expecting the Halo 3 launch to be better than that of Halo 2. This is a pretty tall order considering the US$ 125 million worth of Halo 2 games they sold within 24 hours of its launch.

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Robotz Rule4231d ago

This is obvious!

Halo 3 is bound to sell:)

I can't wait to play Hlo3:)

Mr Murda4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I would be very surprised if H3 breaks H2's opening day records. This is a simple conclusion, simply cause the install base of the 360 compared to the install base of the XBOX at the time H2 came out. I will be there on launch night again and pick up my reserved "Legendary Edition" copy.

That being said, when I play H2 online I hear SO MANY people say that they are waiting to buy a 360 when H3 comes out. MS will not only sell many copies of H3, but they will also sell quite a few consoles. This holiday will be the real gauge to see who will win this generation. With games like H3, GTA IV, Forza 2, and Mass Effect, I would expect to see quite a few 360's being purchased this holiday. Nintendo will also sell very well again this holiday, but the PS3 is desperate for a price drop and some great games. Sony really needed a game like MGS4 to be released this holiday to help push sales. It will be interesting come November.

dominusbellum4230d ago

there is already 4 million preorders or something like that so assuming every one got the 59.99 version doesn't that mean like 150 mil or sumtin beating the other record??? correct me if i'm wrong

elliot_4231d ago

lool...this is pretty obvious...this game is the most expected game for the last 2 years...since 360 was launch...even if this game was disappointing it would sell like cola...and 360 too...i guess...

but we all know that will not happen...

elliot_4231d ago

we all know that this game will not be disappointing...don't take me wrong guys

gta_cb4231d ago

but i dont have any worry, and i will look forward to all the good and bad articles on halo 3 when it comes out, and i will say the game kicks ass!

(obviously there is a chance that Bungie screws it up, but i very much doubt it will happen

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HELLFIREV14231d ago

Will sell more units than MS sold consoles :S

Xi4231d ago

I know friends that preordered it without actually owning a console.

Bonsai12144231d ago

if it doesn't, theres something very wrong...

iceice1234231d ago

The game has 4million pre-orders at GS alone(Or was that false?). Of course it will bring huge profit.

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