Biggest Dutch retailer boycotts PSPgo

Eurogamer writes: Holland's largest specialised retail outlet, Nedgame, has decided not to sell the PSPgo this October. And, the shop explained to Eurogamer Holland, there are a handful of reasons why.

The hefty price-tag of €249.99 being one of them. That's €80 more than the PSP-3000 costs, a difference Nedgame believes the new handheld does not justify - the smaller screen is picked out as an example.

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Berserk13171d ago

CORRECTION:THE Biggest BOT retailer boycotts PSPgo.

The Wood3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


seems they're up to their usual crap. 8 shops huh *laughs at eurogamer .......again* Boy do they up Edge Onlines informative article ¬_¬

Defectiv3_Detectiv33171d ago

If they boycot sony, then I boycott cookoo clocks, wooden shoes, and dutchmasters cigars.

CoxMulder3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

"Holland's largest specialised retail outlet, Nedgame"

WTF? In over 20 years of gaming I've never heard the name "Nedgame" before. And yes, I'm dutch..

Any dutchies ever heard of "Nedgame"??

EDIT: Just googled 'em, they have like 8 shops, mostly in farm-country.. biggest specialised retail outlet my ass!! 8 shops!! 8! EIGHT!! No, not 800, 8!!

..ok I'm done now..

locos853171d ago

Eurogamer is quick to hop on this!!

Sarcasm3171d ago

Haha they have only 8 shops? Man, what's sony going to do when they lose those 20 sales of the PSPgo.

zeeshan3171d ago

Well, PSPGO seems to have a great software lineup and I think people are going to go for GO provided that Sony keeps the cost of games low and keep them AAA titles coming to PSP.

morganfell3171d ago

What a massive failure in the simple mechanics of reasoning and deduction. If people want a PSP Go they are going to get one. All these stores are doing is depriving themselves of a sale that is going to be made...period. They might as well make some profit from the Go and any accessories purchased in that buy. Boycotting the device only insures your competitor will make the sale.

Immortal Kaim3171d ago

I'm still trying to fathom why anyone would want one of these at its current price point. The PSP3000 is now $260 Au (with a game or two chucked in) whereas the PSPGo will retail for $450 Au... I don't care who you are, that is a terrible deal full stop.

Myself, I will stick with my PSP1000, I much prefer the weight and she still runs like a dream.

uie4rhig3171d ago

and i too have never heard of nedgame LOL.. fail! also the reasons they give has nothing to do with them, the consumers need to be worried about those reasons not the retailer.. ok maybe the game trade is a valid point.. but thats it.. other points are worries for consumers not retailers :/

nycredude3171d ago

Immortal Kaim

I think you just answered your own question man. The point is you don't HAVE to buy it. This is a free world (mostly) and it's good to have choices isn't it? You think it's too expensive so you won't buy it and will stick to the old fat psp (guess you have big pockets) but I am sure plenty will find the nice small package worth the price.

What you are really wondering is why people like having different options, which is pretty much a waste of time IMO. Take the car industry for an example. One might not understand why anyone would pay 1.7 million for a Bughatti Veyron when you can pay 1/8 of the price for a car of almost the same speed, and what about those retarded looking compact ecocars you see on streets nowadays!!!

rockleex3171d ago

But Nedgame is one of the biggest Dutch retailers OF ALL TIME.

Kanye West

Microsoft Xbox 3603171d ago

Exaggeration at its finest. Biggest Dutch retailer? lolololololol
8 Shops is not considered big.

Veneno3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Kotaku was also one of the first weasels to put this story up. Ironic, huh?

but anyway, I hope the stores have the white model on display so I can check it out!!

D4RkNIKON3171d ago

Who keeps using these old mock up photos of what the PSP Go looks like. That isn't the GO.

Christopher3171d ago

The stores are going about it the wrong way. Instead of selling games, the stores will now be selling cards for PSN credit to buy digital games, which take up less shelf space and have a similar return on investment. Most people who have credit cards typically get things for cheaper online already, so you're not hitting that part of the market, only your return customers who usually pay with cash.

menoyou3171d ago

Everyone knows the real reason they're refusing to sell this is because it's bringing on digital distribution and the death of retail chains with it.

ThanatosDMC3171d ago

This is like banning PCs/laptops because of Steam.

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Bereaver3171d ago

Indeed, it is eurogamer! Amazing! I never would have thought!

EpsilonTeam3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

And you woke me up for..ummm who?

MajestieBeast3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Im dutch and i have never ever heard of nedgame if they said bartsmit then ye thats big this is just more eurogamer bullshit. This is just another store butthurt over the fact they cant scam people in to selling there games for cheap and they sell it for 20 more. Change title to small chain of stores is butthurt they cant scam people.

CoxMulder3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Agreed, never heard of them before today either...

for comparison:
Bart Smit - 189 shops
Nedgame - 8 shops

LMAO "biggest dutch retailer" without a shop in Amsterdam../FAIL

another comparison:
Free record shop has more shops in Amsterdam alone than Nedgame has in all of Holland.

Funny thing is, I just found the original article on Eurogamer Holland and the original title states: "Game-retailer Nedgame boycotts PSPgo"

hmmm "Game-retailer Nedgame" vs "Biggest Dutch retailer" hmmmm

Everything for hits ey

nycredude3171d ago

This is 100% fud, how is this approved when it's a n outright lie?

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