Sony quiet on PS3 MW2 bundle

PlayStation 3 platform holder Sony has told MCV that it has nothing to say concerning the possibility of a PS3 hardware bundle to accompany the upcoming release of Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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UnSelf3105d ago

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N4G king3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

@Patchstation 3

dude get a life

chidori6663105d ago

release the bundle of uncharthed 2 sony ;)

UnSelf3104d ago

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Veneno3104d ago

might have peni5 bounce for for Patchstation since it was not put in for LATD. Oh wait, no sixaxis.

ELite_Ghost3104d ago

LOL MS didn't have the guts to put an exclusive in...

they put a multiplatform instead...

Sony will be smart enough to just do the U2 bundle with 250gig HDD.
Or do both!

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firezone3105d ago

Don't hold your breath though...

N4G king3105d ago

i've heard about this somewhere

im pretty sure there well be one though

Battlefield3105d ago

Yeah, it's highly likely.

will113105d ago

Its Gonna Be Awesome. Press Agree

FlipMode3105d ago

Honestly at 299 they dont need it as much to win the holidays. But if they did it would be a great boost.

Snoogins3105d ago

I am curious how Sony will respond to Microsoft's newly announced $399.99 250GB Modern Warfare 2 bundle:

MW2 limited edition 360 with 250GB HDD
Extra controller
MW2 basic edition

Considering how little the effect was from lowering the price yet again for their console, this bundle seems a move possibly from desperation to try and convince the public 360 is a better value than the PS3 at a comparable price. You can be guaranteed Sony's 250GB L.E. bundle will come with a game (maybe a Fat Princess voucher) as well, but what game?

masterg3105d ago

I don't know... Are non exclusive titles ever in bundles?
It's Sony's own developed games 99% of the time.

Dread3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


so basically a company who creates a bundle is desperate. So Sony was desperate when they made the Metal Gear 4 bundle?

Do you think that MS and activision only agreed to make the bundle after the announcement of the slim?


this is a normal move for the holiday season. It was clearly planned before the announcement of the slim, so it would have happened anyways.
Also, Sony will make their Bundles as well.. lets see if you call them desperate then.

That said, I dont think Sony needs a bundle this Holiday season.. their slim and the $300.00 price is more than enough to push hardware. If anything MS should lower the price at least $50.00 and/or make live free. I dont see this bundle pushing hardware for MS.


Snoogins3104d ago

You make a very good point, Dread, and I wouldn't be so blind and ignorant to claim Sony or any other company hasn't had to make desperate sacrifices in a heavily competitive market as well. Holiday bundles are inevitable indeed and I didn't consider that the season is approaching.

SWORDF1SH3104d ago

It might not of been decided b4 the ps3 slim. youll be suprised how fast deals can be pushed through with money involved.

MS would of went straight to work on how to counter the lower price PS3 slim. I think theyll have something else up their sleeve along with halo odst.

MS will have a good holiday period.

Better than PS3. Who knows

Syronicus3104d ago

I don't need another PS3. I already have a couple of them. As for MW2, I can't wait to get my hands on that game despite the idiocy at Activision.

Ju3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Sony should give that away to MS. They have their own bundles coming, that would be UC2, FFXIII and GT5 (and I hope a R&C bundle). MW2 in a bundle won't have as big of an impact for the PS3 as it will for the 360. Its actually a great deal for the 360 with two controllers and a bigger HDD - if you plan on buying a new 360. But I don't see pulling in the crowds who would usually look at the bottom line. 100K in the bundle won't really make an impact, the majority will be (MW2) disk sales anyway. A bundle shouldn't be more then $349, IMO (even though $399 with bigger HDD, second controller and game might yield the better value).

I'm on a boycott of Activision, but that damn MW2 is very tempting...

solidt123104d ago

Usually when Sony won't comment on something or say they don't know about that then it is true.

Lifendz3104d ago

i'll be the first to say I was wrong about HHG calling it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only person that said this would happen was him. I clowned him for it like all of us did.

I don't know how effective a Modern Warfare 2 bundle would be. Do you really think there are that many people that want Modern Warfare 2 but don't own either of the next-gen (or current-gen depending on what you call it) consoles? I don't.

Sarcasm3104d ago

Meh, they just need a Gran Turismo 5 bundle and they're set.

y0haN3104d ago

IW's community manager gives the impression the 360 is the only platform they are developing for, the complete lack of love the PS3 and PC get.

StanLee3104d ago

That 360 bundle is sexy though. If would mind parting with $400 for it. Where can it be preordered though?

Hellsvacancy3104d ago

Dont mix turn like MW2 with de Ps3 stick wid U2 and GT5

I dont think multiplats should b bundled wid "the console of choice" its given the wrong message (in my opinion)

The GT5 bundle alone will shift a hell of a lotta consoles

Megaton3104d ago

It's the Microsoft "trying to fool you into believing this game is 360 exclusive" ad treatment that RE5 got. Advertising it only for the 360, only showing at Microsoft events, getting a custom console, etc. Probably can't legally happen for Sony at this point.

Beatles Rock Band is going through the same thing, but it didn't get a console bundle. Doesn't even show a Nintendo or Sony logo at the end of the commercial, only 360.

3104d ago
Kleptic3104d ago

Sony doesn't generally do this with multiplatform games...its always big exclusives, be it 1st or 3rd party (motorstorm and MGS4 for example this generation)...

the fact that MS partnered with Activision for this doesn't really mean anything in terms of 'who is desperate'...although it is a little strange that they wouldn't bundle their system with something you can only play on the 360, right?...I would have figured an ODST bundle before this, although there already was a Halo 3 bundle and limited whatever...

the 250gb $399 or $350 PS3 is all but confirmed to be with uncharted 2 next month...with rumors of a FFXIII bundle for japan later this year, and the possibility of a GT5 bundle as well...thats how Sony does it...thats how they always have...MS could do this too if they had more big exclusives coming this year...har har...sort of kidding; i promise...

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Dutch Boogie3105d ago

Meh Sony should just leave that to M$ and IW. They should just concentrate on bundling their own exclusives. GT5 and Uncharted 2 bundles will attract more people in my opinion.

Meus Renaissance3105d ago

Uncharted 2 would sell more than MW2? Are you delusional young monkey? GT5 wouldn't even have the selling power of MW2 in my honest opinion. Modern Warfare sold several million of copies and whilst GT5 is a franchise title, I don't think a racing simulator has the same mass appeal as an arcade online shooter that's probably become the best known franchise this generation

Snoogins3105d ago

Speaking logically and being one that greatly anticipates Uncharted 2, I agree that MW2 would interest more people. As amazing as I found the first Uncharted, it just didn't catch on among gamers as I felt it should and I don't know if people will actively look into UC2, no matter how beautiful or perfect it is. However, I disagree that MW2 would do as well as GT5 (though PS3+360 sales combined it's possible). The reason I say this is because Gran Turismo is the most popular console racing sim in the world (the Japanese and European markets LOVE IT!) and GT5p sold a significantly larger amount than GT4p with only a fraction of the install base. The franchise and price point of the PS3 would really push a lot of hardware.

Ju3104d ago

MW2 will sell anyway. It won't move consoles (BTW: It makes more sense on the PS3 given its big focus on online and the free PSN).

GT5, UC2 and FF-XIII, however, will move consoles.

rockleex3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

GT3 sold a total of 14.9 million on just the PS2 alone.

If I were Sony, I would choose the GT5 bundle over the MW2 bundle ANY DAY.

Not to mention, every single Gran Turismo game has sold over 10 million each.

While COD4 only sold 5 million on the PS3.

nycredude3104d ago


Learn how to read and comprehend man. He didn't say it will sell more he said they would attract more. I happen to agree with him. COD is alread a well know franchise. It has it's own fanbase already so teh upside is low. Uncharted however is a new ip and the first one did great so there is much more room for new gamers to jump on board. Seriously after like what 6 or 7 COD games if you haven't jump on board yet they you never will. I personally will be skipping cod mw 2 until i can get it used cause i want to fvck activision and their douche leader.

rockleex3104d ago

Gran Turismo 3 = 14.89 million total

Call of Duty 4 = 12.27 million combined total

Blades083104d ago

I agree with the numbers but there is one thing missing the install base GT for the PS2 has a 100+ million install base, COD 4 MW only has around a 55 million base (PS3 and 360) less at the time. Based on that MW has a higher percentage of sales to base. I think both games will sell fine just wait for the numbers at the end of the holiday season to find out who takes it.

waltercross3104d ago

Not the Selling power? It doesn't have to, It's only on the PS3
While MW2 is Multi, GT and UC are Exclusive, That's Selling
power right there and It'll move consoles.

GarandShooter3104d ago

@ Blades08

The PS2 released in NA in October 2000 and GT3 released in NA in July 2001. The PS2 install base was no where near 100 million at the game's release. It's going to take you a lot of month by month or at the very least year by year research to prove your theory.

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zoks3103105d ago

Not with all their 1st Party games dropping this holiday, and like I said before $400 wont fly any more.

Kleptic3104d ago

yeah its kind of apparent that Sony doesn't need a bundle with a multiplat at all...MS?...well apparently they do, since the deal was already made...

Meus Renaissance3105d ago

Both companies have released bundles before, especially for the holiday season and Sony are already rumoured to be doing specific ones such as PES2010 and FIFA 10. It is clever and would sell, especially knowing the popularity behind these games. If MW2 is the game your friends are playing, and you see it bundled with a PS3 Slim - that's probably going to attract you more than seeing a Slim on one end of the store and MW2 on the opposite end

Ju3104d ago

Not sure why people wouldn't just go out, buy a console for $299 and through in the game for $59 (=$358) and go play. Same experience as the $400 bundle (well, sure no second controller and smaller HDD).

I never really understood bundles, though...

mephixto3104d ago

My PS3 bundles prediction:

For NA:
-PS3 Slim - MW2
-PS3 Slim - Uncharted 2

For EU:
-PS3 Slim - PES2010
-PS3 Slim - Uncharted 2

Maybe with the PS3 Slim 120GB at $299 or the rumored 250GB SKU