Custom Arkham Asylum skins unmask Batman's identity issues.


"One of the incentives to play Batman: Arkham Asylum on PC (outside of a lower price and PhysX graffix) is the ability to create custom skins.

The community has quickly gotten to work and flooded the official forums with screen grabs of the various outfits modders have designed."

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chrisnick2953d ago

just platinumized it yesterday :D

enviable272953d ago

The classic one with the yellow looks awesome, Is there a chance this will ever appear in the console versions?

Lifendz2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

please bring these to the consoles. Oh my effing god to play with the Tim Burton skin would be just amazing.

Pandamobile2953d ago


And these are user made mods. Good luck getting them on the console version.

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CobraKai2953d ago

I was hoping that with the release of unreal tournament on the PS3 that modding would take off for the console. I'd like to play with some of these costumes.

The batman begins and dark knight costumes look better than in the movie. Prolly cuz the cowl doesn't look so egg shaped.

DlocDaBudSmoka2952d ago

that would be awesome. i liked the og blue and gray suit along with the tim burton vers. But ur right youd think theyd impliment user mods like with UT3.

CobraKai2952d ago

I always had a soft spot for the blue/gray suit

Pillville2952d ago

The Blue and Grey Classic is f-ing awesome!
Now if you could combine it with a mode for Adam West's voice, that would be priceless.

(Side Note: I can't say Adam West without hearing him in my head, singing his name. aaaaadam weeeest....)