Modern Warfare 2: Impressive new screenshots emerged

There are some new screenshots of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. They show some unknown levels of the multiplayer mode. The photos were taken from the presentation held in Hollywood this night.

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Voltago3104d ago

Great shots, indeed. looking forward to playing CoD!

villevalorox3104d ago

these screens look like crap lol. And one thing i do not think I'm going to like about mw2 is that there is just way to much on your HUD.

Christopher3104d ago

I was told to expect impressive screenshots, what I got where blurry, distorted camera shots of a monitor that do not make the game look good.

nycredude3104d ago

You know something is not right when a 256 player online shooter has as good if not better graphics than this game. IW not really pushing any graphical boundaries here. Hope this brings more to the table that is somewhat different than MW1. In any case I will buy used later after I finish Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls and Rachet and Clank.

Alcon Caper3104d ago

villevalrox - just play hardcore mode with no hud

PS360PCROCKS3104d ago

nycredude please gimme a break Mag is ugly

nycredude3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )


Are you in the beta?

Also are you one of those who think MW1 was great looking, cause if so then I won't waste anymore time responding to you.

wUTTer3103d ago

actually he's right, MAG does look better than MW2. I can't believe Infinity Ward hasn't tried pushing the boundaries for this game. With the success of COD4 they should've put in a little extra love for the sequel to this gens most addictive FPS series.


here's that video you requested

PS360PCROCKS3103d ago

No I'm not in the beta I thought that it was Europe only? From the vid I saw Mag's graphics were not so great which is understandable. What's wrong with MW? When it came out it had some of the best graphics of this gen hands down if you deny that you're foolish

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amolang3104d ago

...emerge, not emerged...

gmxracing3104d ago

think this will get game of the year? i want your opinion!

danthegardner3104d ago

I think Uncharted 2 will get GOTY

yoghurt3104d ago

I think COD may well get game of the year - but I don't think it should

There are games out there with much more to them and trying new things that are far more deserved

gmxracing3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Uncharted 2, i didn't even think about that, how many games can get game of the year? cause it seems like more than one game each year gets it? am i wrong, how is that determined? Maybe COD6 will get online game of the year? i don't know, run it. oh and you don't have to disagree, i'm just wanting opinions. i'm new at this and am tryin to get involved in the gaming community, cause i love gaming, i didn't get to try the uncharted 2 multiplayer beta, it said my code was not valid is there anyway i can get access now?

wildcat3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

There's no universal game of the year in the gaming industry (films have Oscars with Best Picture), so every site's GOTY will vary. I'm sure MW2 will be "nominated" by every site though.

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Pixel_Addict3104d ago

The problem? The graphics are just what I expected. There not mind blowing and that is sad for a game with such a big budget and hype. I mean Activision made a bazillion dollars off of MW1 and WAW; you would expect this game to look a lot better.

gmxracing3104d ago

that i disagree or agree with that so i'm not going to click on those options, in my opinion yes the graphics are not mind blowing but i'm hoping all the budget went to improving the gameplay and experience that gamers would come to expect from infinity ward. so i guess i agree its not mind blowing graphics but i think the game itself is going to be awesome. it would be kind of interesting to see if infinity ward would unlock the ps3 potential with their game, (yes/no)?

tudors3104d ago

should cover different catagories, how can you compare GOTY when one is a FPS and the other is a ThirdPS/Adventure game, I know for a fact however that this will be the best FPS of the year.

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