First 2 Modern Warfare 2 DLC Maps Xbox 360 Timed Exclusive?

Adrian P from AnalogHype writes "Yesterday at Infinity's Ward Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer event a lot of things went down. There wasn't much talk about 50 Cent but more on all the new perks and the effects there going to have on the game. During this event, Infinity Ward announced the Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360 Bundle. As we reported yesterday, the bundle includes a 250GB Hard Drive, two Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers, as well as an Xbox 360 Headset and a Standard Edition copy of "Modern Warfare 2". Now in a press release statement made by Infinity Ward this morning, its revealed that Xbox Live users will get there hands on the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC maps firsts."

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CernaML3225d ago

Yes... it's been announced since E3...

Nitrowolf23225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Ya no duh this has been said since E3. Both will release for 360 first

mistajeff3224d ago

It seems weird to me that they announced that they were TIMED exclusive. Even flat-out exclusive DLC doesn't sell consoles, and announcing it's timed exclusive is even more pointless. Like MS is shelling out money for no reason other than to d!ck over PC and PS3 owners. And it's not like Activision is gonna say no to free money.

Meh, I'm not buying the game anyway.

sak5003225d ago

There you go putting to rest the fanboys crying earlier that activision will not screw ps3 owners this time.